Anju (アンジュ) is the young princess of Yamato and the only child to be the successor of the emperor.


Anju (Futari no Hakuoro)

She is a young girl with a long black hair with two twin tails, two long ones at the back side and two short ones at the front resting on her shoulders and yellow eyes. Her ears and tail resemble to a snow leopard She usually wears a white dress with red and black pattern with a yellow and pink belt, and a white coat with red pattern.

In Futari no Hakuoro Anju takes her coat off as she gets to battle. her inner clother consist a white dress covering her chest, and ties her coat as a belt.

Despise her appearance she has a enormous strength that rivals Kuon's.


On her duties as the princess of Yamato, she seems to be serious and wise. She is cheerful, kind and childish.

She is very curious about visiting the capital outside the Royal palace, as she explains that she is a bird in a cage. However she is careless and unaware about bothering other people, thinking she is above the commoners. For example: eating Kuon's desserts without asking first or causing a mess on the inn. This in turn causes her guardian, Munechika, to find and slap her for her impudence.

She has a great crush and admiration on Oshutoru since he was the one who showed her much of the outside world.

She obtained an unbreakable will and conviction to stand up and fight due to Oshutoru/Haku' encouragement during her fight with the Princess of Tuskuru as she was taunting her and calling her unworthly to rule Yamato while her attempt to claim the lands of Yamato.

Ever since then, Anju is willing to be on the front line of battle to aid her people without much worries while along side Oshutoru/Haku and the others.

She even gets pissed once seeing dead soldiers on the battle of Rumoy pass, she loses her composure for a instant but Oshutoru/Haku gets to her senses.

After the war she comes to wander the country to aid people in need alongside Munechika.


After the death of the emperor, Anju is brought tea by Oshutoru to calm her senses. After one sip, she collapses as it is discovered that the tea had been poisoned. Oshutoru is placed under arrest. She is eventually rescued by Kuon and Jachdwalt and taken to safety to En'nakamui. Honoka instructs the two of them to take care of her.

After her recovery she come to face the Princess of Tuskuru due to her intention to claim the land of Yamato. After being encouraged by Oshutoru (Haku) she was able to stand against the foreign princess and with a giant sword that was once wielded by Karura.


The Emperor of Yamato - He is Anju's father. She loved him dearly and grieved for him when he passed away.

Haku - They first met when he found her on a store eating some snacks, she didn't know the fact to "pay", so Haku paid the food for her. Haku was surprised when Anju is in fact the princess of Yamato. At the time when she asked him advise to "seduce" Oshutoru, Haku came up with the idea of a fake kidnap to lure Oshutoru. In Futari no Hakuoro She was in grief once hearing of Haku death, in fact Oshutoru died and took his place as general. She comes to an close relationship with Haku as Oshutoru, He look after her and cheer her up in dire situations.Haku/Oshutoru have confidence on her, he expects much of her, considering her strength as a Scion, he knows that she can deal anything that comes upon her even the Scion of Witsuarunemitea. When Haku was revealed as he was dying, Anju still concider him as Oshutoru and his Uncle ( now remembering her memories of her past self). She was glad that Haku has returned, still a little concerned about his disappearence. As she wander around the country along with Munechika and Mikazuchi to aid the people, she looks forward to see her uncle again.

Kuon - At the time they met, Anju ate all the desserts that Kuon just made, Kuon tried to "punish her", even after the mess the headquarters at the inn. When Anju was caught by Kuon, she shows Anju her "scary" side, of which Anju got scared at. They are on good terms.

Skills and Equipment Edit

Despite her appearance, Anju possesses a supernatural strenght that surpasses Karura and rivals even Kuon's. One punch of her can make the wind blow. And also she is fast and flexible to be able to do acrobatics.

Giant sword Edit


She wields the same sword once used by Karura without effort, she received it once she was able to stand against the princess of Tuskuru and strike her on the face. She sword comes falling from the sky, secretly passed by Karura. With this, she becomes a formidable warrior. She wields it ever since.


  • When the Emperor of Yamato revealed Haku is his younger brother, it's revealed that Anju is Haku's niece.
  • She was cloned from the emperor's late human daughter.
  • She is one of the title characters on Futari no Hakuoro, since is referring to the two princesses and later empresses. While the other princess is Kuon.
  • Anju introduces Munechika into the world of Yaoi.