Chikinaro (チキナロ) is a somewhat shady merchant with a habit of mysteriously appearing when needed and for sneaking into both forts and castles without being noticed. He is not usually called by name, being referred to merely as the merchant. He makes his inital appearence in the original Utawarerumono visual novel. While not appearing in Itsuwari no Kamen, Chikinaro does make an appearance in Futari no Hakuoro. He is a non-playable unit in each game.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Chikinaro is quite average in looks. A man of average height with gray hair and typical kemonomimi features belonging to decoys. His most unique feature is his shifty eyes. This sylization implies cunning and knowledge This device, when used as such, is called "kitsune no me" or "Fox Eyes". Also his ears resemble the ones of a fox.

As suggested, Chikinaro is very cunning and charismatic as a merchant. He respects and has good business relations with Hakuoro (or anyone buying what he's selling). While Chikinaro is a somewhat shady character, his skills as merchant and procurer of goods is top notch and can be trusted.

History Edit

Utawarerumono Edit

He makes his first appearance as a spy paid by Benawi to infiltrate the rebellion's headquarters, in which he is successful and gets the better of the rebellion leadership. After the rebellion's victory, he later assists Hakuoro in obtaining the ingredients needed to make the explosives used to repel Shikeripechim's initial attack. He is also the one responsible for procuring Karura's unique sword, as well as Aruruu's pet Gacatara.

Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro Edit

Chikinaro's only makes one brief appearence in the final game of the trilogy. Since the events of the first game, Chikinaro has become considerably more wealthy and successful. He was sent to En'nakamui by request of Kuon to deliver medicine to Anju, who was still very weak from poison, as well as to relay a message from Kuon to all the friends she made in Yamato. The medicine was later shown to be completely successful in healing Anju.

Trivia Edit

  • Famous examples of anime and manga characters that utilize the kitsune no me style of eyes are Gin Ichimaru (Bleach) and Brock (Pokemon).
  • Chikinaro was originally planned to be more aligned with the Black God (Dii) in Utawarerumono. But this was cut out and his role was made less antagonistic.