Curses, or known as Tatari, are the remnants of humans who were turned into near immortal amoeba-like entities by Witsuarunemitea. The human researchers and scientists desired for finding ways to allow them to adapt to the new environment which they cannot adapt to and to further increasing their longevity which leads them to perform research on Iceman. After the scientists dissected Mikoto for her ability to reproduce, Iceman goes berserk and his abilities as Witsuarunemitea awaken and he turns nearly all of humanity into near immortal amoeba-like entities, fulfilling their wish for longevity. The entirety of mankind were turned into Curse except for Haku and the Emperor of Yamato. People that were being turned into Curses suffered for the rest of their life. They are referred to as the remnants of Onvitaikayan according to religion.