Derihourai (デリホウライ) is the current emperor of Karurautsuurei, the country formerly named Na Tuunk. He is the younger brother of Karura.



Brash and impulsive, Derihourai was first shown as an arrogant leader who wanted nothing more than to revolt and topple the emperor of Na Tuunk. As the last of the Giriyagina, he took great pride in his strength and cared not for weakness, especially on his men. Even when the the odds were against him, Derihourai, in his arrogance, did not care.

He was later shown the error of his ways through Karura and Hakuoro, who came to him as "mercenaries" in an effort to turn the tide. He begins to accept their help despite refusing it initially.



Karura - His older sister whom he was separated from many years ago. He thought to have found her after the rebellion but Karura quickly dismissed it, simply stating she was just a woman named Karura and not Karurausuuturei and that he got the wrong impression.