Dorī & Gurā (ドリ & グラ) are two twin archers who serve as bodyguards to Oboro, even after he becomes emperor of Tuskuru. Despite their feminine appearance, the two are actually boys impersonating as girls.

Appearance Edit

The twins have black hair tied up in a ponytail, brown dog-like ears and tails, and pale skin. Since they are identical twins, they have nearly the same appearance. One of the few differences is that Gurā has blue eyes and Dorī has purple eyes.

They wear a forehead protector, leather gloves, and are almost always seen with a quiver of arrows on their back and their bows. They also dress in different colors to make it easier to tell them apart. Gurā dresses in red and white while Dorī dresses in blue and white.

Personality Edit

Biography Edit

Due to a traumatic incident in their past, which is not disclosed, the two brothers began impersonating females.

Relationships Edit

Oboro - The twin archers are very protective of Oboro as they made a vow from their parents to serve him before they died. They even accompanied him on his journey before he became emperor.

Yuzuha - Like Oboro, the archers are protective and caring towards Yuzuha.

Hakuoro - Like Oboro, they honor Hakuoro as their brother as they often call him Anija-sama. They were given a promise by Hakuoro to look after Oboro when he becomes emperor.

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