Elemui is a league of several smaller nations that are allied with Noseshecika. When Noseshecika invaded Kunnekamun, Kanhordari coerced them to send troops to help in the fight. They didn't know that the troops would be used to attack Kunnekamun. After the fall of Noseshecika, Elemui sent Lord Ponahoi to Emperor Hakuoro to plead for aid against Kunnekamun before Elemui was attacked.

Urutorii was subsequently dispatched to Kunnekamun where she spoke with Hauenkua, pleading that Elemui be forgiven. Hauenkua refused to do so, saying they need to "make sure other countries know what happens to those who defy us."

Thus, Kunnekamun invaded Elemui and swiftly brought Elemui to its knees. Hauenkua led the attack without Kuya's knowledge, and not only defeated but destroyed Elemui.