Fumiruiru (フミルイル) is one of the main characters in Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro. Once an orphan in care by Urutorii, she was finally reunited with her real parents before becoming Kuon's personal attendant in Tuskuru. She secretly travels to En'nakamui to be with Kuon.

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Fumiruiru is, like the rest of Kuon's family, an older sister-figure to her and is a good and understanding person.

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Fumiruiru was first shown as an orphan baby under Urutorii's motherly care. When her parents were found, Urutorii resented giving her away and nearly had a fight with Karura before hearing Fumiruiru's crying. Urutorii, much to her sadness, gave the baby away to her real parents.

In Futari no Hakuoro, she becomes Kuon's personal attendant and travels to En'nakamui.

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  • Kuon notes that Fumiruiru's beauty can makes countries wage war for her.