Gigiri are monsters found in the northern part of the world. They are green insects that are long and slender with many legs and a hard carapace with jaws like a pair of scissors. The largest ones are a meter or so in length. They have dark purple blood. Bites from Gigiri are common wounds for those who live in their territory, and although they are not usually fatal they are quite painful. It is unknown if their bite possess venom.

Every now and then their numbers increase to the point of nuisance and they are lured out into the open with a stinky purple stew made of rotten meat which they love. Nets are dropped on top of the stew and covered in leaves to hide them. The gigiri slip beneath the net to reach the stew, which traps them. The stew is then ignited, sometimes by a magician, leaving them to burn alive. Those that escape are then killed by waiting men.

Boro-Gigiri: Edit

Sometimes during breeding season, a gigiri will grow large ten meters or more in length and bear children. These gigiri are called Boro-Gigiri. Their shells also turn red and their pincers gold. The largest can be over ten meters in length.

Not only are they much stronger and hardier then normal gigiri, they are also vicious and quick to attack. Although they can be stunned by a flash grenade, Curses are their only known predator. They are evidently rare as even Oshutoru had never seen one before.