Haku Anime Portrait

Haku Game Portrait


Haku (Futari no Hakuoro)

Kanji ハク
Rōmaji Haku
Alias Oshutoru (オシュトル)

Akuruturuka (アクルトゥルカ) Witsuarunemitea

The Traveling God

Mashiro (真っ白)

Age Possibly: Centuries old

Current: Immortal

Race Human (Formerly)

God (Currently)

Gender Male
Eye Color Brown (Formerly)

Golden (Currently)

Hair Color Brown
Nation Yamato
Affiliation Yamato
Relatives Mito (Older brother; Deceased)

Human Anju (Niece; Deceased)
Human Honoka (Sister-in-law; Deceased)
Anju (Niece)
Woshisu (Nephew/Older Brother; Deceased)
Saraana & Uruuru (Nieces)

Torikori (Foster Mother)

Video Game Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen

Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro

Anime Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen (TV)
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Keiji Fujiwara
English Kregg Dailey

Haku (ハク) is the main protagonist of Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen and Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro. He begins his role in the story as an amnesiac man who serves as Kuon's travelling partner. He lacks physical abilities for a normal person but excels at his good intelligence and insights.

He was the leader of Yamato's Rebel forces in En'nakamui during its civil war. After receiving Witsuarunemitea's mask, he becomes a wandering deity known by the name of Mashiro.



Haku in Itsuwari no Kamen

Itsuwari no Kamen Edit

Haku is a young man, with black hair that reaches his shoulder and dark eyes. At first he wears hospital patient looking clothes. After meeting

Kuon he then wears a light kimono with a brown cloak. He also wears the same pants that Oboro once wore. Despite having an average body, he appears to be weak because he shows extreme laziness and struggles during manual labor. However he is capable of taking care of himself.

Futari no Hakuoro Edit

Oshutoru (Haku)

Haku as Oshutoru

As Haku wears the mask, he completely resembles the fallen General of the Right as he adopted the name of Oshutoru. He completely takes his appearance by changing his hairstyle and voice to Oshutoru's. He adopted Oshutoru's armour and clothing as well.

He wears both blue kimono with black border on the arms, blue pants, a red belt, a white light coat that cover the upper body, the Akuruka mask became fused to him once he wields it.

After his death and resurrection, he now wears white kimono with blue borders and a golden strings tied on both sides of the kimno, dark belt, pants and boots. He wears Witsuarunemitea's mask, now fused (maybe the mask it's the only thing that keeps him alive). His eyes changed from dark brown to golden after his return.


Haku is a lazy, somewhat diligent and soft-hearted person. He doesn't like to do much work and is often scolded by Kuon when he is unmotivated or slacking off. He desires to rest and eat after a hard work or battle. He is quick witted, intelligent and has good leadership skills, making him a good strategist and resulting from his high charisma where everybody is willing to follow him anywhere. He is very blunt and to the point often at the expense of others feelings. He is sharp, but has a bad habit of avoiding things he doesn't want to see. According to Oshutoru, Haku is described as sloppy and arrogant. When Kuon, Rurutie, and Nekone gave him their love letters, he didn't quite understand what they meant to him.

When Vurai of the Strong Arm destroyed the city of Maruruha with his Akuruturuka, Haku was shocked and in a deep grief by the death of the villagers in town. He couldn't stand with seeing such a massacre upon innocent people. Even after the event he still doesn't accept the death of the villagers and got traumatized about it as a result. He didn't originally like the idea of invading Kuons' homeland.

When the emperor revealed to him that he is a "human being" he was shown multiple flashbacks of his past life, and was shocked once he was told that the Emperor of Yamato is in fact his older brother.

By the time Oshutoru dies, Haku chooses to protect Anju (since she is the last of his family alive) by taking the identity of the General of the Right so he can put an end to the Civil War on Yamato. He deeply regrets on lying to Kuon, even more when she leaves. Haku knew that once Oshutoru entrusted him the mask, there was no turning back. He proclaimed Haku to be dead and that his path was now one of war, fully embracing the name of Oshutoru.

As Oshutoru, adapts a noble personality, he usually shows formalities, while in battle or making tactics he shows focused one, never less he is still kind to those he cares for. Even in the most uncomfortable situations he keeps a noble characters in order to not make a bad picture of himself.

After his revival, Haku is focused on saving Kuon. And after he disappears once again he is known by the people as a deity by the name of Mashiro since he was helping those in need.

He kept an eye on Kuon since she was searching for him after the final battle. He talks to her in both her dream and reality. He tells her to not to worry about him and takes back Tessen as a reward for clearing the forest from any foes or vile creatures so she and anyone could enter the forest without any worries.

Background Edit

Haku originally human computer hacker who worked alongside his brother, Mito, who was studying genetics. His niece and sister-in-law would consistently visit him to clean up for him. Through his hacking, Haku was able to uncover data from the classified Iceman Project. From this Haku gave all the data he could gather from his hacking to his brother. Mito utilized this data to build his True Human Project. Through this, the human body could greatly enhance it's physical capabilities and be able to return to the Earth's surface. Haku decided to be the first volunteer for this project and was put into cryogenic sleep by Mito so the medication could take effect. During his sleep Hakuoro activated his curse on humanity in which all humans turned into tatari. The True Human Project was a success. Not only did it allow Haku and Mito to travel to the surface but it also changed their genetics enough to avoid Hakuoro's curse. Mito states that Haku is humanity's last hope and that he has to find a way to break the curse put upon them.


The False Mask (偽りの仮面) "Mask of deception"Edit

Haku found himself inside a shelter after waking up, being tended by a woman but soon lost consciousness again. He had a dream of a young girl referring someone as "old man", a woman worried about going on the "other side" that person and a man consulting whether he took the drug, stating the moment he wakes up, a new world awaits him. He also mentioned him being the first and last when the scene changed to a girl, making a promise that he'll definitely come.

Haku woke up from the dream, muttering he must go because of the person waiting, leading him to aimlessly wander outside the snow mountains. The cold wind stopped his automated instinct but a boro-gigiri pursued him in a chase. He was saved by a red slime in a cave where the hole he fell leads into, who ate the boro-gigiri. It formed a face, attempting to communicate but was interrupted by a flash grenade and he was rescued out of the cave. He was provided living, clothes, a name and they travelled to a nearby village the next day.

A Person Inside Haku Dream

Arriving in the village, he assisted Kuon with transporting bags of grain to the watermill before the sun set, where he demonstrated his good intelligence when the landlady was calculating their reward. Back in their room, Kuon planned to enter the bath first but something changed her mind, insisted that Haku should go first. After his relaxing bath, Kuon treated the sole of his feet but as she asks his condition, his drowsiness was slowly taking hold of him. Before he completely drifted into his sleep, there was a song being sung, which made him feel nostalgic. He had another strange dream of a random person in a hospital gown, who continuously moaned until it underwent a weird transformation and exploded, waking Haku from his slumber.

As his morning continues, he suspected that Kuon would give him another job due to the course of her conversation with the landlady. He was taken to the watermill, where he had to rotate the millstone in order to grind the grain due to the broken water mill. After numerous rotation, he decided to take a break, thinking he finished a bag of grain but there was only little amount of flour from the result of his work. He had an idea of fixing the water wheel so he wouldn't do anymore further more, where he fixed its problem and kept it secret from Kuon in order to not do anymore jobs as mentioned by the landlady, where he received a punishment after she found out later on.

Back in the inn, Kuon decided that they will be heading to the capital city but their peaceful night was interrupted by a villager in a panic. The villager explained that his group were attacked by Gigiri and Haku asked Kuon what it was. Kuon's description reminded him about the monster that attacked him from before. The next morning, Ukon planned to exterminate the gigiri, which puzzled him how they can handle such dangerous monster. Due to Kuon's condition for accepting Ukon's proposal of joining them, he had no choice but to tag along on their expedition.

Death of a Hero Edit

"Haku is dead" — Oshutoru announces Haku's death.
Haku leading En'nakamui

On their way to En'nakamui, Haku, Nekone and Kamunagi of Chains find Oshutoru resting on a rock, only to find out that his body is disappearing, Oshutoru passes his mask to Haku in order to protect Anju and asks Nekone to help him. As Haku (now disguised as Oshutoru) tells everyone that "Haku is dead" Atui, Rurutie, Nosuri, Kiuru come into deep grief, especially to Kuon which left her heartbroken and caused her return to Tuskuru. As he stands before the people of En'nakamui he announces that the emperor was murdered and the same plotters tried to kill the Princess as well. He asks the people of En'nakamui to rise under the banner of the Princess in order to reunify Yamato. And thus begins Yamato's Civil War.

Futari no Hakuoro "Mask of truth" Edit

En'nakamui Edit

" Oshutoru. I am the Royal Guard of the Right, steadfast retainer to the throne of Yamato. The man named Haku is dead. He no longer exists. Haku died outside of En'nakamui and Oshutoru survived" — Haku embracing his role as the General of the Right.
Anju recovering

Anju recovering in En'nakamui's castle

Haku now as Oshutoru, recall the events that have driven him to become the General of the Right, now fully embracing the name of the fallen general he now is masquerading, He comes to an Audience with Lord Iwaraji, the ruler of En'nakamui. Both Oshutoru and Nekone who stated that his ordeal has been "rattled" by his fight against Vurai causing his memory to be fragmented (to avoid suspicion). At the meeting Iwaraji resolves to aid protection the princess now recovering thus the people of the nation from an upcoming attack from Yamato, now that war has come. Oshutoru is entrusted of the emergency control of the country's government and army. Iwaraji allows Oshutoru and his companions to live at the castle for the duration. Nekone gives him a tour on En'nakamui. Later, they come to Nekone's House to visit Torikori (Oshutoru and Nekone's mother), just before getting inside they both decide to not speak the truth to their mother since she is sickly, although Haku feel guilty on deceiving her about playing as his son.
Haku Ennakamui

Haku taking a break after his firsts duties as Oshutoru

They return to the castle grounds to check on Anju who is recovering. As they check on the princess still weak and unable to speak because of the poison. Anju gives him a gently smile to Oshutoru, he resolves to heal the princess with the tools and the resources they got, since Kuon's specialties on medicines is not in En'nakamui. Anju's full recovery is still uncertain so by the time being someone from Yamato will eventually come and kill her. At night, the Kamunagi of Chains attend him at his office to relax after the intense day.

Unable to sleep he walks through the castle, he hears Nekone mourning that her brother's death was because she intervened during the confrontation with Vurai. At first Nekone asks him to leave her alone, then after returning to his office Nekone comes in, they both discuss about the coming battles now that En'nakamui will be the center of the war. Later he comes to visit Nosuri, Atui and Rurutie in their room, he talked to each one them and comforted them regarding Haku's death.

Next day, Oshutoru call a meeting, at first everyone were suspicious on him since he looked a little "soft", eventually he tell that this is "himself in doors". They notices him wielding Tessen causing them curiosity, he reply by telling them that Haku was a dear friend, so he wield it to resemblance a lost comrade, next the twin priestesses appear and Oshutoru explains them that Haku gave the order to serve him before dying.

Rescuing Kiuru and the Elites Edit

Ougi comes to his office to report that Kiuru, the Elites (Oshutoru's personal army coming from the capital) along with their families are being pursuit by Dekopompo soldiers, since Kiuru and the Elites will face their pursuers before reaching to En'nakamui. And so Oshutoru assembles the rest of the group to save them. Following Oshutoru's: As Atui, Rurutie and Yakutowaruto approach the frank, Nosuri and Ougi circle around and cut off the enemy's escape route thus allowing Oshutoru an opening. As Nosuri and Ougi attack the enemy behind the enemy lines, Atui's group encounter Yamatan soldiers the process. Oshutoru along with Nekone, the priestesses and the En'nakamui army come to aid Kiuru as he was about to be killed by the Yamatan soldiers. Oshutoru and his companion battle the Yamatan invaders lead by Bokonante himself (Dekopompo's personal adviser now ascended to Royal General), after rejecting their foes the Royal General retreats after he got report that all troops has been wiped out. Oshutoru and his companions go back to En'nakamui along with the Elites.

Fake Princess Edit

Oshutoru and his group come to the castle to check on the princess by Kiuru suggestion after arriving home. Still unable to speak, Anju smiles at Kiuru as he bows. Kiuru gives grim news: as he was assembling the Elites at the Capital. The people riot as the news of the princess' disappearance spread, however Raiko shows up with the Princess of Yamato "an impostor" now calming down the riot. Oshutoru suspect that one of the Pillar General is the puppet-master from the moment when the Mikado passed out, Oshutoru promises to Anju that the traitor will be brought to justice after he restores her position at the throne of Yamato. At his office Oshutoru discusses the matter with the others, now that Yamato is now the enemy since is under the rule of a impostor. Everyone assures their loyalty to Anju and resolve to aid her in the wars to come.

Later Oshutoru visits Anju, the young girl with a distant expression thinks about the recent events that happened at the Capital. Sitting need to her, Oshutoru tries to cheer her up while feeding her. At first Anju doesn't look at the food, however her stomach sounds, leaving her blushing at embarrassed then he proceed to feed her. As he leaves Anju grabs at his sleeve, then Oshutoru pat her head saying that he always there for her. Oshutoru gives the medicine Anju, she pushed herself out after drink it so Oshutoru tell the princess to rest and they shall see the result soon enough.

Training among comrades Edit

As the army is set into training. Oshutoru, Atui, Rurutie, Nekone, Kiuru, Yakutowaruto, Nosuri, Ougi, Saraana and Uruuru decide to make teams of two to fight among themselves as a way to train better as the war is coming. Oshutoru along with Nekone, Kiuru, Rurutie, and the twins face of with Yakutowaruto, Atui, Nosuri and Ougi. After the battle Atui, Rurutie, and even Yakutowaruto were amazed of Oshutoru's battle skill that even Atui teases him. News comes from the Capital that the impostor was already named the new Mikado of Yamato, leaving at shock to everyone.

Medicine for Anju Edit

Later on the same day, a merchant named Chikinaro from Tuskuru arrived at the castle, selling food, medicines and supplies for the war, he mentioned that he brought the medicine under Kuon order, Oshutoru paid the high price of the received resources after failing on lowering it. And thus got the medicine for Anju after winning a game of speech on the merchant although Chikinaro was testing him since he received the medicine directly from Kuon under her own request.

Preparing for war Edit

Two days later, as Oshutoru and the rest were checking on the nation's defense, Anju now recovered rushed into his office demanding to see Haku since he never visit her; However, he gives the news that Haku died, at first she doesn't believe it since Saraana and Uruuru are here, they reply that they serving Oshutoru under Haku's last wish. This cause a great grief on Anju, asking why she wasn't told about it before, Oshutoru explains that if she was told while still sick it would worsen her health. He she cheer her up by telling her that Haku was concerned for her sake. Anju then focused to the announce the people that she is the true heir to Yamato. However, he report her that the impostor now the Mikado has restored order, most of the people believe that this Mikado to be the real one and the military power is on the favor to the impostor. Anju is left discouraged and in tear about it; She feels that she lost everything, Oshutoru remind her that he is loyal to her, as he kneels he says that he will restore her throne even if he has to "bath on the blood of the enemy". As does the rest of the group around the two. Anju now recovered her resolve, declares that shall the world hear her name and the Divine Scion of Yamato. And thus they prepare for war. Oshutoru asks Nosuri and Ougi a favor: As they are recruiting and training the people for the army, their number are still inferior compared to Yamato's, so he asks for call out Nosuri's men to join the war which she accept.

They sent news to the neighboring territories across the Empire revealing that the real princess is recovering in En'nakamui, this causes confusion and distrust in the land. So far most of the countries are stating their neutrality.

Oshutoru asks Anju to become the living banner to En'nakamui to inspire the men in battle, she accepts however Oshutoru advises her that she must be aware that their work to governance and administration comes to an end, when she speaks to the army she must do it with knowledge that they will murder in her name. She must become their symbol of hope.

As they make their strategy, news comes from that Capital now telling this: As the impostor seems to restore order to the City, the imperials make their move with Dekopompo leading a massive army heading straight to En'nkamui, sooner than expected, Oshutoru comes with the idea to have Anju to address the army and raise their morale. At first Nosuri and Kiuru disagree since Anju is still too young to stand in the battlefield and to carry the burden of the whole army on her shoulders, Oshutoru announce that it has been decided since she already volunteered to become their living banner to the cause.

The army assembles with the men lacking confidence and resolve since they are about to face one of the Pillar Generals. Oshutoru presents Anju before the the men, at first she was pale before speaking, in the she eventually manages to give an inspiring speech to the army. The men now inspired, prepare for battle.

Battle of En'nakamui Edit

Oshutoru and his companions including the local army make their stand at the Fortress (the very gate to En'nakamui now restored to an impenetrable Fortress) before the invading army. Knowing Dekopompo as a arrogant and corrupt individual, orders Yakutowaruto and a handful number of men to stand at the edge of the wall taunting the Pillar General.

Managing to lure Dekopompo to rally his troops the main Gate, to find that the other side of the Gate is blocked by boulders. Unable to remove them, the Pillar General use the Siege tower to attack the wall. Oshutoru and his companions (along some local soldiers) manage to hold the wall long enough to lure out most of the invaders. Nosuri shoots a flashing bomb attached to the arrow to the siege tower blinding and stunning the enemies above the tower only to be bath on oil, Atui and the soldier throw up huge jar of oil to the siege tower and the land below the fortress. turning on the oil, most of the invading forces get burned down while the few remaining flee the battle just to be slaughtered by the En'nakamui soldier hidden outside the Fortress.

As Dekopompo and Bokonante and surrounded by Oshutoru and his companions after a failed attempt to escape. However, Dekopompo release a Gaunji beast to kill Oshutoru and all of En'nakamui, only for the beast to turn on the Pillar General. Both Dekopompo and Bokonante are devoured, Oshutoru along with his companions manage to fight off the beast and thus ending the battle.

He encounters Maroro, shocked and scared by Oshutoru's cold tatics. No longer recognicing Oshutoru, he views him as another person. Maroro asks Haku 's whereabouts only to be chocked by Oshutoru's news that Haku is dead. Maroro leaves the En'nakamui horrified by the news even when Oshutoru asks him to join their cause.

And so Oshutoru and the rest go back to En'nakamui.

Confrontonting the General of the Left Edit

Haku vs Mikazuchi 1

Oshutoru/Haku vs Mikazuchi.

As Anju declares for a feast for today's victory the alarm horn sounds as another Yamatan force arrives at the gates. As they see that Mikazuchi the royal general of the Left awaiting as his forces stand behind him. Oshutoru comes out to confront him as the rest stay the fortress, As the two Royal general reunite, Mikazuchi demands Oshutoru stays in En'nakamui, if he ever march on the Imperial Capital, the General of the left shall fight him so is his duty as Royal General. As Oshutoru declines such terms, both Generals set for battle. Anju comes out to avoid the any futher violence between two, Anju asks Mikazuchi his reasons fight even if he is aware that the impostor is ruling the Empire. Mikazuchi states that he fights in order to keep innocent's blood from spoiling throughout the land that as his duty as a Royal General.
Akuruka unleashed

Haku uses the Akuruka for the first time.

With no way to solve this out both General return to hostility, Nekone stand in in front of the two, she tries to avoid the conflict by informing Mikazuchi that her brother injuries aren't healed yet but no such thing could stop the outcome, and so both generals begin to fight, just after the first clash the Mikazuchi notices that this Oshutoru is fake (since the real one always use his katana even when facing each other) and thus demands his identity as he attacks repeatedly him while blocking. Oshutoru's true identity is revealed once Mikazuchi notices the iron fan he wields, but even so he question him for wielding the Akuruka as the fight continues until Mikazuchi's strike leaves him unable to keep up, Nekone begs Mikazuchi to stop and this causes him to realizes that the real Oshutoru is already dead, but just before anything else happens Oshutoru activates the Akuruka form, leaving Mikazuchi surprised since the mask itself chose him. Oshutoru lands a blow on him even when blocking it.

Akuruka Clash

Oshutoru/Haku and Mikazuchi clash in Akuruka.

And so Mikazuchi unleashes his Akuruka as well, the two Akuruka crash and an unstoppable force the back, Mikazuchi return to his normal form and leaves with his military to the Imperial Capital but not before to warn him that if he ever laid an attack to the Capital he will no hesitate on killing him. Weakened by the Akuruka, Oshutoru goes back to En'nakamui.

The people cheer him on protecting the village upon his return, Anju receives him but suddenly his vision swims as he fall unconscious.

"This event creates distance on the remaining nobles sympathetic to Oshutoru's cause after his misuse of the Akuruka, so the lords and the people throughout the empire wonders about his pride as a warrior. Yamato waits before demanding the other neighboring countries to sever all ties with En'nkamui. Thus leaving Oshutoru's cause hanging by a thread".

Nekone 1

Haku awakes in his room attended by Saraana and Uruuru, the twins ask him to rest as he recuperates from the battle. Later, Nekone comes to visit him and informing him that all Yamatan forces have withdraw from En'nakamui. Oshutoru tries to get back to work but his body is still weak that even he can barely move, Nekone ask him to not push himself over. Haku realizes the kind of responsibility Oshutoru carried and decides to be more like him, Nekone suddenly stands against about it and rest above him until he falls asleep, she states the more he becomes her bother the less of Haku remains. 

Next day at his office Anju comes in to ask a favor to Oshutoru now that she is in full Health and strength (she does some acrobatic flips, lift the entire piece of earthware over her head to show Kiuru to not worry about her), she request to experience closely the lives of the town, he suggest to go a trusted home in town as a start and for security reasons. Oshutor and Anju go visit Torikori 

Meeting the Mikoto of Tuskuru Edit

A few days passes, as Oshutoru is viewing the situation since Raiko severed ties between En'nakamui and the neighboring countries for support of any kind, two messengers from Tuskuru arrive delivering this intel: Tuskuru will set negotiations with En'nakamui by sending the Princess as a envoy.

Anju fight

Anju fights the Tuskuru Princess

Oshotoru meet up the Princess of Tuskuru and asks her why she came, ignoring his question she gives him a scrolls containing all of the supplies and resources to be delivered to En'nakamui, he wonder Tuskuru intentions since both Yamato and Tuskuru were in hostilities recently, as the meeting was continuing on Anju burst in thus interrupting the matter. Yamato's princess welcomes the foreign princess, furthermore Atui, Nosuri, Ougi, Rurutie appear as well at the meeting. Resuming at the meeting, the Princess Tuskuru intends to retaliate Yamato's past hostilities by sweep the land of Yamato while En'nakamui stays out of the way, demanding that they shall remain where they are till her labor is done. Anju denies stay in En'nakamui while the whole nation is aflame. Oshutoru now states that she is afraid that Yamato will invade again, Anju futher denies that as well. The Princess states the even if the war wages on the mainland it will eventually reach Tuskuru's shores again. Either accept or reject, she will take the land. She further taunts Anju several times during the meeting

This causes a confrontation between the two princesses, Anju strikes first however the Princess stop it one handed, sending Anju to the floor. The princess continues to send Anju to the floor till she finally deliver adirect hit (without dogding it) but no damage is taken. The princess then demands her to wield a sword on the floor, Anju demands that none will intervene, as she strikes at the princess, Kuon dodges and tells her too slow. as the fight proceed Anju deliver a strike directly to the princess with a strength matching even Vurai's but blocked with her fingertip. Anju lacks the confidence and barely move as Kuon states the she must stay and live at peace. 

Anju encouraged

Anju finds her conviction...

Oshutoru interrupts, as he faces her she notices Oshutoru wielding Tessen she ask him where he got it, he responds that it belonged to fallen friend he tried to protect, send him outside of the hall in one strike. The princess calls him unworthy to protect anything strikes him several times with her unnatural strength, wondering why he doesn't fight back the princess gets disappointed at him for not being a worthy opponent, now believing she was wrong on him. As she was about to strike again the Akuruka repels her. He stands up and reminds her that Anju is the one she is fighting. The princess believes her will is broken and she is barely to stand.
Anju Rise up

and stands her ground.

Oshutoru encourages Anju after she states she wants to stand and fight but she can't, fearing that everyone will be disappointed at her, but Oshutoru tell her to not care since everyone knows that she is been beaten, telling her that no one is perfect, she must stand as the banner of the people, he tells her that this is what Haku would have told her, as Anju stands up once more, Oshutoru is struck by the foreign princess, angered at him by mentioning "Haku". Oshutoru reminds her that he is not her opponent, the princess turns around and sees Anju standing her ground, as Oshutoru stands down to look at the fight the words of the man he used to be slip from his mouth, this shocks the princess (realizing that Haku is alive now masquerading Oshutoru) causing her to let her guard down, Anju strikes her though the princess blocks it but with great difficulty, Anju keeps on her offensive ignoring the princess sudden pleas, with an unbreakable conviction she can't lose, Anju receives a counter attack on the face but she stands her ground and return to her offensive.
Anju fight 2

Anju finally strikes at the foreign princess.

Anju stands up

Anju wields the giant sword and strikes.

Finally, Anju strikes at the face of the princess, but the latter strikes her to at large distance, with that time the Tuskuru princess sets her eyes at Oshutoru (Unaware that she found out his identity behind the mask), Anju returns and attacks her multiple times now getting her to the defensive. Suddenly a giant sword fell from the sky (from Karura) standing on the floor. Anju wields it leaving everyone around surprised this time the two princesses clash with rivaled might till Anju sends her flying to a stone wall (since she was staring at Oshutoru, looking at him). Oshutoru stops the fighting and thus the princess of Tuskuru takes her leave but informs them that they be back if the tides of war turns against them.

Kuon's return Edit

After the meeting Kuon reappears after some time, Atui, Rurutie, Nosuri, Ougi, Nekone, Kiuru, Yakutowaruto and Shinonon greet her, glad to see her again.

As the meet up after some time, the both started to speak as the reunion turns out awkward to both of them. Suddenly the twins appear, to Kuon surprises she ask him why they are serving him now. Even as both twins states that it was Haku's last command to serve him, she comes suspicious.

She meets Oshutoru at his office where their conversation started to be awkward by the time when she glaces at him and mentions Haku. Suddenly, Nosuri comes in and start a drinking competition. Later that night Kuon tries to enter Oshutoru's Office, however the twin priestesses don't let her pass, they tell her that she smells because she has scent of vixen (after a bath) so the twin won't allow her to pass since she might "tease him". Oshutoru comes out and allows her to his office, again their conversation was getting awkward as the twins prepare tea, Kuon asks about his injuries received by the princess of Tuskuru (not revealing herself being from royalty) and states that she "heard" news about it, she feel relieved knowing that most of his wounds are healed in short time and she apologies about it. She also states that she sorry about abandon them back then, she promises that she won't do so again. As they drink up tea and have dinner Kuon started to feed him. After that Kuon meets up with Nekone.

Friendly Fight - Kuon and Atui Edit

Kuon vs Atui 2

At night with a full moon, Oshutoru drinks a small cup of tea with Atui in the forest near the castle she agreed to it. Oshutoru asks her reasons to bring him out to the forest at night, ignoring the question, she asks him to wait a bit longer until the next guest arrives. To his suprise the guest turns out to be Kuon who is also surprised to see him as well. Atui explain to both that her reasons is for a fight, a friendly fight between she and Kuon, so Atui has Oshutoru as a witness for the fight. Atui explains her reasons for the fight, she noticed that Kuon has distanced from everyone, so in other to be friends again, they must fight to settle things up. Atui reveals that she only wants to have fun and drink like the old days.

Both Kuon and Atui fight fiercely, even if Atui was becoming deadly in the process, Kuon didn't have any trouble while dealing her. Both of them have fun in the fight even causing a mess in the field. In the end match comes in a draw. Oshutoru carries both girls since they out of stamina.

Awkward situation - Kuon and Rurutie Edit

As he passes through Rurutie's room, he hears strange sounds coming from Kuon. He worries if anything is happening, so takes a small peek through the door he looks as Kuon is getting a massage from Rurutie herself, just as he sees Kuon with "less clothes" than usual he instantly takes his leave.

Hot Bath Request Edit

As Oshutoru drinks up while in the full moon, Kuon and Shinonon appear next to him, Kuon asks him if he is done for the day and he reply so. The rest of the girls come out after a bath since all of them (including Kuon) passed the time in the bath talking and enjoying themselves. They also join in for a cup with Oshutoru since they didn't have a drink together in while. Anju asks him for some snack dried fruits from behind, after Oshutoru served her some snacks he got suprised to see her. She reject his formalities since she only want to join with everyone else and because Kuon invited her. He ask if there is some special treatment (request) that them women find necessary, Kuon replies that hot bath (in a huge pool) are suitable for them that even Anju wants one. But it need a big amount of water that right now it has to be rationed for the people since they are war. Nosuri informs them that there is a huge lake in the middle of the mountain range that surrounds the place she found yesterday, however Nekone tells that the Obaro Lake is cannot be used since the road is treacherous and even if the try to transport it by any way (Haku hoped to used the lake for farming and industrial means), the girls get frustrated but they get cheer up by Oshutoru.

Perfumes Edit

At his Office, Anju rush in and tell him that today's bath was splendid because of the soap smells like flowers, Kuon explains that she made it, Anju surprised she expresses her approval for such a wonderful soap and asks what else she got, Kuon replies by telling she got medicine, bug repellent and a lot more in her inventory. Anju and Rurutie are surprised for Kuon capability to make such things as conversation proceed, Oshutoru/Haku smiles at himself glad that the three of them make good friends.

Aphrodisiac Edit

After finishing the paperwork all day, the Saraana and Uruuru give him a massage to his shoulder since he is having some pain and exhaustion, suddenly they leave as asking him to wait for them. Oshutoru goes to visit Kuon at her room, just before entering, he hears Kuon and the twins' voices. He watches the twins asking a request for crafting a tonic ( with the written ingredients on a paper) to energize him Kuon gladly accepts the twins' pleas (since it is for Haku/Oshutoru), he returns to his room as she makes the tonic realizing both Kuon and the twins care for him. After the twins return to his room, Oshutoru receives the tonic and drinks it. Just when he was about to drink a bottle of fruit liquor, Kuon charges bursts into his room, she tells him desperately to stop, she asks if he already drank the liquor just before she snatches the cup form his hands, she comes to a relief as he didn't drink and the latter asks the reason for barging in like. (After failing to make the twins explains their intentions for the medicine) She explains that the medicine has another effect if mixed with alcohol, Kuon pauses just about when she was about to tell the side effect from the medicine, Oshutoru insists to know, and so she embarrassingly tells him that medicine has a stimulating effect, am aphrodisiac to be precise. The twins tease her further by making her the one who tried the aphrodisiac on him since she knew the properties of the ingredients, she runs off to her room ashamed.

Battle of Rumoy Pass Edit

Strategy Edit

Yamato Civil War strategy battle 1

As Raiko severed En'nakamui all tides to the neighboring countries, with no way to trade food or supplies, Oshutoru's cause hangs on a thread, even with Tuskuru supplies support they cannot stay in isolation for much longer and so Oshutoru/Haku devised the next move on the war. In order to break the Yamatan blockade, the rebel army must retake the Rumoy pass, since it's En'nakamui's lifeline and a essencial passage to trade within Yamato. If they can hold the pass, they can gain access to the neighboring countries and protect En'nakamui. Ougi comes bringing grief news as it's report that the contact from Rumoy pass has been lost to Raiko, now Oshutoru must lad his forces to retain the pass if they are to stand a chance in the war.

The battle - Princess Warrior Edit

Massacre of Rumoy Pass

As they march to the fort, Oshutoru stops as he notices a trap set by Raiko since they not see neither of the Elites or enemy troops, as Nosuri and Atui insist on attacking Oshutoru asks for a bit longer to analyse the situation, as the group ask him for the next move, Anju comes from to back line even if Rurutie or Oshutoru insist on stay behind, Anju tells them that she rather fight along than standing behind and watch her people fight her own battles, this causes a commotion among the soldiers and bow for her. Kuon tells him that he cannot be able to stop her, so he asks her to promise that she must not act on her own. And so they march into the abandoned fort.

Anju prepares for battle

They see the dead soldier of the fort massacred, Kuon notices that only the bodies of Ennakamui soldier are shown. Nosuri, Ougi, Yakutowaruto also notices that the soldier were eaten by a creature powerful enough to massacre the fort complety. Saraana and Uruuru warns about a coming threat, and so the Gaunji (the same one from the battle of En'nakamui) reveals itself as the beast approaches to them, Oshutoru/Haku realizes that Raiko was the one to lure the beast to the fort and massacre the soldier. Anju sets for battle and so they face the Gaunji with both Kuon and Anju at front.

Rumoy Pass Battle 1

As they take advantage on the beast, suddenly the tide of battle rises against them as another Gaunji comes along, Nekone leads Rurutie to safety under Oshutoru's command. As he organizes a retreat, Anju refuses to do so since she wants to avenge her fallen comrades Oshutoru informs that this is the enemy strategy, to manipulate their emotions against them and so to ensure they die here. With this, Anju restores her composure and agrees to retreat.

Rumoy Pass Battle 2

Just as they are about to retreat, the twins detect someone else approaching, a caravan comes with out noticing the battle, at the moment the second Gaunji get close to it Munechika suddenly arrives and blocks the beast's attack, Anju is relieved to see her back and well as everyone else. With turns of events, Oshutoru, Kuon, Anju and rest continue to battle Gaunji as Munechika deals with the second one.

After the battle, a overjoyed Anju clings to Munechika after some time since Yamato's invasion to Tuskuru. As

Meeting Fumiriru

Oshutoru commands troops to secure the Fort, he comes to realize that Raiko's purpose was to divide En'nakamui forces to stop them from advancing forth the other countries. With no other choice he decides to view his options while his forces stay on the defensive. As the group converse with Munechika, he asks what happened to her after being captured in Tuskuru; she wonders how he know of her capture, so Oshutoru replies that Haku told him and Munechika explains that she was treated well and she was able to come back only to serve as this "noble's personal" guard. After expalining all the events that happened, noble one comes out from the Tuskuru's carriage who turns out to be Fumiriru (much to Kuon's uncomfort) who introduces herself after having a "little talk" with Kuon, she declares herself to be a wealthy merchant from Tuskuru (Oshutoru/Haku suspects that the more than a simple merchant since the carriage is same kind used by the Princess of Tuskuru when coming to Tuskuru and notices that both Kuon and Fumiriru know each other well). Fumiriru releases Munechika from her debt and state as prisoner of war and so Munechika returns to Anju's services.

Oshutoru states that a banquet shall be held in En'nakamui for both Munechika and the Tuskuru caravan since the army and the people will be glad to see one of the Pillar General now aiding En'nakamui cause.

Just as they head back to En'nakamui along with Fumiriru, Kuon warns Oshutoru to be careful of Fumiriru, she tells him that he'll understand soon since the latter didn't get the meaning of her warning.

With the death of both Gaujis the Rumoy pass is secured and thus they can march forth the other countries. Thus, with the return of Munechika, even without the Akuruka, brings greater hope and morale to the En'nakamui's cause in the war regardless they still in disavantage.

Baquet at En'nakamui - Lady of Destruction Edit

As they arrive, the people of En'nakamui welcomes them cheering for both Munechika and Fumiriru (because of her beauty), Oshutoru already thinks about the next move for the war. Next to the smiling Fumiriru, Kuon seems to be going through a whole gamut of emotions, Oshutoru wonders why Kuon seems tired ever since Fumiriru arrived and thus he also curious about their true relationship.

Oshutoru has Kiuru to attend Fumiriru as the prince of En'nakamui, though he feel kind troubled while doing so. After that, Oshutoru wonders why everyone from the group seems tired, Kuon tells him that he will soon find out once spending enough time with Fumiriru and tells him that Fumiriru is also known as the lady of Destruction.

After sunset, a luxurious banquet is held to celebrate victory and arrival of their guests. As time passes, Anju takes her leave after talking to Oshutoru. He notices that all soldiers are centered on Fumiriru without having touched their drinks, Oshutoru studies her from a far wondering why she is nicknamed Lady of Destruction since her beuty doesn't attach to that title.

Fumiriru Lady of Destruction 1

After a little chat with the twins, Fumiriru comes to Oshutoru to thank him for the greeting and the banquet, she also apologies for coming as an ambassador to the land in times of war, Oshutoru tells her there is no need to be sorry since Anju also wished for the celebration and glad to see Munechika return, they put the banquet as a gesture to thank the caravan by making possible her return. Fumiriru thanks him for taking care of Kuon and tells him that she came for looking after her as her elder sister. As they cheer both of their cups, suddenly Fumiriru loses her balance and plows right to Oshutoru as she falls on top of him. He tries to lean back to support her but she tells him that she is alright and apologizes. Fumiriru tries to peer at his face why he tries to keep her from squirming around on top of him.

Fumiriru Lady of Destruction 3

This cause a uncomfortable situation as the soldiers get jealous of Oshutoru being with lady Fumiriru. As he tries to calm down the soldiers by asking Fumiriru (who doesn't seems to understand the situation) to move so they can avoid any further inconvenience, as she does so do some fabric from her clothes Oshutoru notifies her though she seems amused rather than flustered. As Fumiriru continues for pour him a drink, he tries to warns her of the clothing coming off but she doesn't heed any of it neither of his warnings as she tips of her clothes for a second time. The bottle in her hands comes flying through the air and its contents splatter to Oshutoru clothes, Fumiriru lean over him again to wipe him down. Once more this comes into a ruckus as the soldiers gaze at Oshutoru jealously, his situation get worse as the twins pour the rest of the bottle at him, Fumiriru accepts help from the twins to wipe him out, as the three girls do so all soldier around them gaze upon Oshutoru with intense envy.

And thus Oshutoru comes to see why Fumiriru is known as the lady of destruction, she is smooth but oblivious of her actions causing such chaos.

Expedition on Kujuuri Edit

Expedition to Kujuuri

Several days after their victory at Rumoy pass, Oshutoru and the rest gather at the war council, since they cannot attack the Imperial Capital with the current number of troops and they can't leave the defense of En'nakamui or Rumoy pass, Oshutoru decides that they must send a small party to other nations to gain support since the other Ouros and their people has recognized En'nakamui recent victories. Atui recommends to go to her father lord Soyankekuru but having him as ally would provoke the Imperial Capital, so Oshutoru comes to Rurutie (since she is the daughter of Ouro Oozen and has deep connection with the country) and ask her to become his envoy in order to have him as ally and thus the other nation might consider to join their cause, also because Oozen has left Rurutie under Oshutoru places a must be worry about his daughter safety. Rurutie eventually agrees. And thus they journey to Kujuuri.

Oshutoru/Haku alongside Kuon, Nekone, Nosuri, Atui, Kiuru, Munechika, and Rurutie arrive at the land of Kujuuri, the come to a nearby village the same one hevisited with Kuon after he woke up from his cryogenic sleep, he suddenly has a illusion of Ukon, suddenly Kuon asks him if he is alright since he was about to fall to his steed. Yashima, Rurutie bother, alongside a group of soldier receives them, the two siblings reunite and the Yashima introduces himself to the group. Yashima thanks Oshutoru for taking care of Rurutie.


At the inn they receive a room where they discuss the situation in Kujuuri, Yashima had previous sided with Yamato however, after receiving the letter from Rurutie and seeing her well now he has not doubt that Oshutoru's cause is fair and true, however the other lord need more prove to decide to join the war. And so Oshutoru presents Anju who has come along the expedition questions Yashima for his doubts about her not being the real princess, as soon Yashima looked at her, he recognizes in shock that the girl at present is truly the real princess of Yamato and bows as he apologizes. Anju demands to go to the castle so she speak to Oozen, Yashima obeys her on escorting them, Oshutoru, however, notices Yashima anxiousness indication that there something else worrying him.

On their way to Kujuuri castle, Oshutoru tells Anju to prepare for the worst case scenario, Anju is prepared for whatever is to come, since she no longer wants to be a mere figurehead to the cause and wish to carve her own path with her power. As the come close to the castle, they are amazed for the size and shape of the building since the city was build over ancient human ruins and used them as a foundation (except Rurutie and Yashima).

Rurutie and Shisu

Once arriving to the palace throne room, Oozen receives them, glad to see his daughter save and well, as Oozen is about state the matter of the war and his position, Anju comes and present herself to the Ouro. Surprised and noticing her as she speaks, Oozen recognizes her as the rightful heir to Yamato. The meeting seemed to have settled however, as Oozen was about to explain their circumstances about joining the war a sound of someone charging toward to them, both Oozu and Yashima get paled so does Rurutie once understanding the situation much to Oshutoru and the others confusion; Suddenly a girl that resembles Rurutie jumps onto her. Shisu, Rurutie's elder sister, hugs her after some time without seeing each other, Oshutoru notices that Shisu is the obstacle for the alliance as Oozen and Yashima were trying to explain.

Facing Shisu Edit

Oozen protests how she being rude in front Anju but Shisu says he should shut up or she will behead him. Yashima nervously asks the guests not to mind them. Rurutie asks her why she is here, and Shisu starts to complain. She states that her husband is a wimp and weak-willed in which he criticized her cooking after she spend all those time making it. Also, Kokopo would be a perfect partner for him, and then corrected that even Kokopo is too good for him. Ignoring Rurutie's plea to let her go; and Oozen and Yashima once again chastising her for being rude to the guests. In which Shisu shouts that weak-will men don't have right to voice their opinion. The men were baffled. Oshutoru asked himself if Kujuuri is rule by women's power.

Shisu says she will leave her husband and stay with Rurutie forever. Rurutie protests that she is no longer a child, and she is already strong enough and has comrades that share the same feeling with her. Shisu said that Rurutie has no voice in this matter, and her comrades aren't worth enough to protect her. Oozen said she too rude towards Oshutoru and Anju. Shisu says this matter involves her sister, and only people who are stronger than her are allow to protect Rurutie. Shisu then challenges Oshutoru to a fight in order to get Rurutie back. The situation is settled once Rurutie makes her decision to return home or stay and fight with her friends.

Yashima takes Oshutoru and his companions to a room pass the night. They discuss about Shisu for being too self centered rather than worry about the country future. As night proceed, Shisu comes in to talk, they start with a drink, Shisu states her matter about taking care of Rurutie, and Oshutoru comments that Rurutie's future is not his to decide but Rurutie herself, the latter joins in after Oshutoru mentions her action and all the support she gave to the group. Oshutoru asks her about what she which to do and why walk on their side.

Shisu Battle

The next day, Rurutie makes her decision to stay with Anju, and so Kujuuri joins En'nakamui in the war, Yashima will prepare troop to aid En'nakamui, Shisu frustrated ask her why would Rurutie choose to leave her family and her own family even with all the hardship ahead. Rurutie explains her and so does Oshutoru, Shisu in rage turns her blade to Oshutoru, Yashima draws his own as well but the latter tells him to halt, as Shisu blames Oshutoru for "changing Rurutie" and she won't allow her to leave. Oshutoru taunts her that he shall be the one to take responsibility on Rurutie, Shisu accepts Oshutoru challenge and both decide to battle on a more suitable area.

Rurutie leaving her homeland

The battle concluded with Shisu now realizing that she cannot be with Rurutie all the time or making decision for her neither, with this settled the alliance between En'nakamui and Kujuuri is formed, the party say goodbye as they head back to En'nakamui, Shisu gives a liver of a chamokku to Oshutoru as a way to apologize to him for all the trouble she caused, also she asks him to take care of Rurutie, at last Oshutoru, Kuon, Anju, Rurutie and the rest make their way head back to En'nakamui.

Waterway project Edit

At mid day, Oshutoru finds both Kuon nd Nekone checking of the maps, they asks if they could make a waterway for the lake they previous talked about. Oshutoru agrees to her request if it can be done since it could be useful to avoid get shortage in water supply since the population is growing. Kuon has the idea to use bamboo, it is used in her homeland for massive aqueducts, however her idea back fires since bamboo does grow in En'nakamui, after trying several alternative options, Oshutoru then realizes to use clay and ceramic to make ceramic pipes for the waterway. And so they start working on the project.

A nemesis from the past - Vurai Edit

Nekone Futari no Hakuoro

Oshutoru and Kiuru find Nekone standing at the watch tower, who seemed tired of the recent work from the last days. Nekone tells them that she is okay however she seemed worried, after Kiuru leaves Oshutoru pats Nekone on the head and tells her that every will be fine as they will march forward the battles to come soon.

At night, while organizing the paperwork, Nekone, still confused of why she treats Haku as her fallen dear brother, she starts to cry all of the pain she repressed, and suddenly Oshutoru comes to his office to check on her, Nekone wipes her tear and tells him she is alright. Nekone tells him that she tired and takes a night walk, as she is on her way, a mysterious figure abducts her. Oshutoru comes to his office to see if Nekone is back but he only finds all the paperwork scattered, worried he burst out to find her and finds a note that warns him that if he wants her back unharmed come to the wilds alone, note also contains a map that mark the specific location of Nekone, and he goes to find her alone.

Haku vs Vurai
Once arriving at the marked location, he notices that he is standing where the real Oshutoru fought against Vurai. As the sun comes out, The Spear of Yamato shows himself having survived the last battle. Vurai enters into his Akuruka form and so does Oshutoru as the battle was about to begin.
Akuruka Battle 2
At the first clash, Oshutoru manages to land a headbutt on Vurai, putting some distance between the two. Before they resume to the battle, Kuon alongside Anju, Kiuru, Nosuri, Ougi, Yakutowaruto, Atui, Rurutie, Munechika and the twins who informed him about the situation, arrive just in time to aid Oshutoru. Once they deal a great amount of damage on Vurai that seemed to get him tired, Oshutoru delivers the final strike but is counterattacked by latter. Vurai lift him bodily by neck, starting to strangle him, and suddenly Nekone is present on her knees in tears as she was gazing at the battle. Once he notices, he remembers "who he is" and manages to get himself free from Vurai, so the Akuruka resume to the battle with Oshutoru/Haku being victorious over his foe.
Haku and Nekone (2)

After the battle, Oshutoru approaches Nekone to see if she is okay, Nekone asks him why he would save her after she only been worry him, Oshutoru reply by says tat there no brother who wouldn't care for his sister. Oshotoru wipes gently Nekone's tears and declares to head back home, but he returns to his normal form as his wounds are deep; Kuon, Anju and the other come to attend his wounds at once as they try to get him back safety to En'nakamui.

Half a month after confronting Vurai, Nekone visits Oshutoru/Haku to check on him, they now come with a closer relationship. Later, more supplies arrive from Kujuuri, filling the food storage enough to last long now with the upcoming recruits.

One month Later Edit

Three servants Edit

A month after the Battle of Rumoy pass, Oshutoru goes to the kitchen and finds the twins teaching Fumiriru to prepare tea, Fumiriru asks Oshutoru to taste some of the tea she made herself, later the twins talks about of how Fumiriru serves kindly to Kuon as she looks after her, both twins mention the intention to serve Oshutoru the same way Fumiriru serves and look after Kuon.

Parental love Edit

At the training grounds he finds Munechika talking to Rurutie, he joins in asking if there something wrong. Munechika wonders of how she will assist Anju, now that the princess has matured and taking her responsibilities to rule in short time, a promising sign that she will be a great Mikado, however Munechika noticed that Anju has a longing for all she left behind ever since the Mikado died. And so Munechika seeks advise to ease Anju heart, so Munechika resolves to conform her since Anju can't go back home, she asks for Oshutoru's help to give Anju parental love as they two head to the castle. Anju is found sprawled lazily in the middle of her room reading some book with questionable material, there are half-eaten snacks scattered around her on the floor and a couple of books nearby. Anju jolts, realizing that Oshutoru entered as well, and hastly scurries around cleaning up the mess as fast as she can, quickly straightens out her clothing, and she receives both generals. Munechika comes to apologize for her past loss and declares to take her role as "mother" to Anju much to her confusion, so Munechika states she will taking care of Anju as her mother and Oshutoru as her father (much to both Haku and Anju surprise). At first Anju is shocked, believing both to married but Oshutoru explains that Munechika tries to be a mother figure to her. Anju comes to a relief and feels a bit embarrassed. After everything has been cleared up, Oshutoru asks Anju about her gazing toward the imperial city only to find out is that she can't find new books of the kind Rurutie borrowed in En'nakamui. Haku is stressed for the causes of the ruckus.

Receiving tactical lessons Edit

Next day Oshutoru asks Munechika to teach him the way of battle and tactics but she is hesitant since Munechika would feel embarrassed to do so since The General of the Right has greater skill. So he tells her that he wants to independent himself from the Akuruka and views Munechika for her greater experience in battle as a general and strategist and so she accepts his request.

Munechika's room Edit

Munechika event

After a urgent matter attended at night, Rurutie serves tea to Oshutoru along side Kuon, Nekone and Fumiriru, so he decides to give a day off only those who attended the matter last night including himself, much to Atui's frustration since she wasn't present at night. Shinonon comes, saying that she found awesome room so they follow her, Kuon falls to her limit goes back to her room to sleep, Oshotoru and Fumiriru under Shinonon's guidance come to find a adorable room filled with stuffed animals, as both Shinonon and Fumiriru are about to play, Munechika comes from behind asking the trio for being in her room. Surprised, Oshutoru asks if the stuffed dolls are hers and so they are, in fact she made them. Fumiriru is amazed, making Munechika to blush. After conversion with both Shinonon and Fumiriru, Munechika gives a doll to Shinonon, and promises that she will take care of it and play with it as well.

Kuon's medicine box Edit

Oshutoru comes to Kuon's room to ask a favor of her, he finds her along with Nekone and Fumiriru, giving them some perfumes she made herself. Kuon asks about his request so he replies that it can wait. Kuon will receives some herbs that just arrived so before leaving her room she asks him to not touch the medicines around since some of them are dangerous and especially the medicine box. After a firm second emphasis Kuon leaves, Nekone asks about his business with Kuon and the latter replies that some of the stock rooms are being raided by rats so he comes to Kuon for some repellent, suddenly Nosuri comes in looking for Kuon so she waits for her to receives some medicine for stiff shoulders. Nosuri looks one of the bottles of the desk, also interested on the perfume, the three girls chatter, after trying the ones given by Kuon, Nosuri set his eyes around the room to look for more perfume so she set her eyes on the medicine box for curiosity, ignoring Oshutoru's warnings Nosuri grabs the box at first but returns it on seconds through, however the top of the box flips up, she look at the bottle with the sign of a bee, the substance free a sweet aroma and Nosuri takes a taste of it, she got addicted to it that even others got a taste, both Nekone and Nosuri drink some of it. Oshutoru save the bottle on the box but both girls beg for one more taste. Oshitoru through it wouldn't hurt another taste for them and so Fumiriru. After that, Nosuri and Nekone started to sound a little weird and they keep licking as if possessed and suddenly both girls fall asleep as they collapse, Fumiriru informs him that the medicine is used in Tuskuru that has a alcoholic properties that restore their strength, with no other way out of this mess, both Oshutoru and Fumiriru comes to the conclusion that they must apologize to Kuon for draining the medicine despite she will furious, much to oshutoru disappointment.

Anju training for battle Edit

As Oshutoru walks through the hall, Munechika comes and asks about Anju whereabouts, Oshutoru accepts to help Munechika and goes to find her, he finds Kuon at the training grounds, as he comes to her he notices Anju training with the giant blade. Oshutoru is surprised and terrified of how strong Anju is as she wields it without any effort, Anju comments of how she beat the Tuskuru princess with the sword previously, Kuon stares at her with a sour cast to her expression, Anju then comes with the idea for Oshutoru to train her in combat much to his surprised and terror because of her supernatural strength, he gives excuses to reject her suggestion and suddenly Munechika arrives, thanks to Kuon by notifying Anju whereabouts, with a cold look she offer herself to train Anju, much to her surprises and fear, after a few moments, Munechika disarms Anju, so the latter hides herself behind Oshutoru, Munechika proceeds to attack with Oshutoru being knocked down. Munechika explains that this is the consequence by shielding with other, noticing her given lesson Anju realizes that she has much to learn and then goes back to her room alongside Munechika.

Anju and Kuon - Two Rivals Edit

Anju and Haku 3

Anju enjoys herself with Oshutoru/Haku

Munechika comes to Oshutoru telling her that Anju demands his presence at once urgently. Once he enter, bows before her, Anju explains that there no need for formalities, and proceed to the point of the meeting. Anju asks of when they be able to march toward the Capital, to return home, but Oshutoru informs her that due to the current circumstances they still need more time gain the manpower and the support of the other countries as Yamato has superior number and Mikazuchi the other twin shield of Yamato as a enemy, even with Oshutoru and Munechika alone can't end the war, Oshutoru promises her that he will return her home with all his power, this cheers up Anju. The princess orders Munechika to guard the door as she is about to have a private conversation with Oshutoru, then she insists him to sit on her throne, and he does so after hesitating at first. Then, with no warning, Anju plops onto his lap; She even leans back as she makes herself comfortable without any hesitation.

Anju and Haku 4

Anju gets annoyed as Kuon comes in.

Anju enjoys herself as she is with Oshutoru, declaring that her feelings has finally reached to him, this goes further as she enjoys his warmth and scent. And suddenly Kuon comes after passing through Munechika, she comes looking for Oshutoru about the medicine reserve. As Kuon notices them both on the throne, she gives Oshutoru a bright smile but with something menacing on it, this gives him a chill that runs down his spine. Just before he explains anything, Anju jump down to her complaining about interrupting her moment, the two confront each other, Kuon tells her that her business with him are important unlike Anju's. The girls insist for his presence, and so both Kuon and Anju fight for him as they pull him from his arms with their supernatural strength, Oshutoru tries calm them down but they are beyond listening. To avoid to be teared apart by the two, he mentions the myth of Solomon's judgement, both Kuon and Anju respond at the same time, startled by the unfamiliar legend, Oshutoru uses this chance to get out of the current situation by telling the legend of the king, he comes to the point of the legend when he eased the fighting of two women over a child since both claimed to be the real mother, Oshutoru mistook a fraud to the story as he stated that the king declared that the real mother is one to be able to pull the child from the other, with Kuon smiling brightly and Anju satisfied with the idea just before hearing the end of the story, they stated that whoever wins tug-of-war can get Oshutoru. So they proceed to pull him out from each other again, suddenly Munechika comes but leaves as she sees the scenario. With no further interruption, both Kuon and Anju resume to pull Oshutoru to each other with all their might as he losses consciousness.

Alliance with Izuruha Edit

As other countries begin to ally with En'nakamui, a letter arrives informing that Lord Tokifusa wants to join war. Oshutoru looks for council from Nosuri and Ougi about their opinion on Tokifusa but they know little about the subject unless they meet him, also they inform him that their father was a former Pillar general back 10 years ago, a honorable man who can aid them. So Oshutoru decides that Nosuri shall take the rank of chieftain in Izuruha can be united, and so they march to Izuruha. Whether Tokifusa has set a trap or not, they have Nosuri to unite the country.

Expedition to Izuruha

On the way to Izuhura, they continue on foot as there are no roads further to the village. Once they arrive, a old man receives them, this man who turns out to be Nosuri and Ougi's father and introduces himself, Genho is his name. As he receive them at his house, the group are amazed about how nice his home it is. Once they onto bussiness Genho reject Nosuri's ascension hold the family responsability and leading the clans either, due to the fact that Nosuri escaped from home to make a name of herself but she did nothing but to cause problem to the folks, Anju tries to convince him by telling about Nosuri accomplishments, at once Genho recognizes Anju to be the princess and Oshutoru asks him if he is going to aid them in the war. Noticing his daughter loyalty to Anju, he decides to join the war, however, Nosuri have to gather up her clan undr her own power. With the golden seal (a symbol for authority for the chieftain) and having the real Mikado of her side will support her authority, the only thing is that Lord Tokifusa has the Golden seal. Decision has been made and so Oshutoru, Kuon, Anju and the rest continue their way to Izuhura to face Lord Tokifusa.

Expedition to Izuruha 2

As they arrive to the castle, Oshutoru, Kuon, Nosuri and Ougi come as envoy and leaving the rest behind in the border order so any risk to the princess if the meeting turns out to be a trap can be avoided. Tokifusa receives them with the most sincere hospitality, as they enter the castle Oshutoru and Kuon notices how well guarded is the fortress like they are expecting an attack. At the meeting, Oshutoru demanded Tokifusa reasons to make an alliance now and his goals which the replied, but still suspicious, Tokifusa stated that in order for Izuruha to give full support to En'nakamui all the clans must be united by Nosuri since her father the previous chieftain was exiled, both parties seemed in agreement with the idea so Nosuri asks Tokifusa for the Golden Seal but he is hesitant, so instead going any further the Pillar General declared a banquet to celebrate their alliance.

Tokifusa's deception

Tokifusa last stand 1

At the banquet, Lord Tokifusa brings a toast as the cups are filled, but Kuon notices something wrong on the cups served so her hands work fast to drop something in the cups. After the first toast Oshutoru noticed that there some sustance in the cups but stays still to avoid anything rush as they aren't affected thanks to Kuon's stimulant dropped the cups, Kuon managed to manipulate the Lord to gave a drink as well , after that, Tokifusa falls asleep but Oshutoru, Kuon, Nosuri, Ougi are not affected, so the trap that was set has been foiled. After Kuon and Ougi dealed with the troops at present, Oshutoru thanks Kuon for saving them from Tokifusa's treachery. They take the Golden seal and set to find a way out of the castle. Killing him would set a frame of political assassination, even if they escape, Tokifusa's treachery already gives a bad reputation to Yamato. The group escape by mounting woptors at stables and cause a stampede so they can get out the castle.

The group are able to reach the hill so their allies are able to shoot arrow upon the yamatan forces, causing them to retreat. Back at the village everyone is suprised by Tokifusa's treachery even more by the truth of Genho's exile is cause by Tokifusa's schemes so he could be chieftain, Nosuri claims to be chieftain better than her father even without the golden seal.

Tokifusa's last stand Edit

Tokifusa last stand 2

Nekone brings grim news as Yamato has send an invading force to En'nakamui, even if is a dsitraction tactic from Raiko, there is no other since they cannot risk the army ( still not adapted to battle) to fight alone against Yamato. Since dawn they are marching back to En'nakamui, they separete from the main forces so they can meet up out of the forest, they are ambushed but are able to deal with the yamatan forces, Oshutoru realizes that Yamato's attack on En'nakamui is a way to lure them out and that the hidden village has been spotted so the ambush could be well efective. With no other choice they have to pass the forest, and eventually they come crossed path with Tokifusa and his forces. And so the group the Pillar general.

Tokifusa last stand 3
Having the advatage over Tokifusa as they surround him, the Pillar General shoots an arrow to the dammed waterfall, they come to highgroud to avoid to be wipe out by the water. And so they come to face Tokifusa one last time. Tokifusa tastes defeat once more, Nosuri decides to drop the golden seal into the river but Tokifusa's lust for power drove him to chase the seal and falls to his death.
Haku and Nosuri

A few days after Tokifusa's defeat, all the clans in the country come united as Nosuri is named chieftain of Izuhura by Anju in person. Genho looks upon the people of the country while Nosuri is assisting Oshutoru in En'nakmui. After they return to the headquarter in En'nakamui, Nosuri invites Oshutoru to come hunting as everyone else is busy. During the hunting Nosuri showed some attraction forward Oshutoru and the latter was suspecting it. As sunset comes, Oshutoru carries Nosuri on the back as they head to the castle.

With Tokifusa's death, Yamato invasion forces on En'nakamui have set back to the Imperial Capital, now Oshutoru has the support of both Kujuuri and Izuhura.

En'nakamui hot Springs Edit

With dedication, Oshutoru managed to build the waterway from Obaro Lake to En'nakamui so a massive water supply to benefit both the people and the army,Kuon is overjoyed for it since she can have a hot bath soon enough. With the construction complete, Kuon takes Oshutoru/Haku to a hot Spring secretly build. Kuon and the girls take a bath in a section for themselves while Oshutoru, Kiuru, Yakutowaruto and Ougi take the section for men. Unfortunaetly this joy for Oshutoru comes to a swift end after he invited the troops to come in as well, with this section of the hot spring has been exceed from any space left, Oshutoru/Haku takes his leave, leaving Kiuru behind as he begs to be saved from the crowd.

Shahhoro and Nakoku Edit

Nakoku map

Oshtoru, Kuon and the rest review the reward of their struggles as they receive countless reports and letter from around the land, with Kujuuri and Izuhura supporting them, they now have solid foundation for the army and even the smaller nations have also come to join the war. Oshutoru already set motions on Nakoku to gain their support as well so they can gain direst access to the Imperial Capital but grave news just arrived: Yamato has invaded Nakoku and it's capital Naara has fallen. This setback his plans.

Suddenly report arrives that Soyankekuru of Shahhoro and an envoy of Nakoku come to meet up her Highness, Anju. At the meeting after Soyankekuru have a chat with Atui and everyone else, the Ouro get straight to bussiness as the prince of Nakoku comes, Itaku bows before Anju and comes with this urgent request for military support to take back Nakoku.

Oshutoru asks for details about Yamato attack on Nakoku, Itak does so and informs that the only lead the Yamatan forces is Mikazuchi the General of the Left. As Anju was about to give her support to Itaku, Oshutoru intervienes asking to hold her answer so he could view the situation and assure all possibilities for victory. After Anju leaves with expectations look on Oshutoru, they come to a friendly conversation that revealed that Itaku is Atui's fiance, after that, they allow Itaku to stay in En'nakamui for the time being.

At night, as Oshutoru analyses Nakoku's circumstances, Itaku's request and concerned the he will confront Mikazuchi once more, Kuon comes in to his room, as both drink tea, Kuon asks about his decision to support Nakoku now that he already decided to aid Itaku' reclaim to his homeland. After Kuon confort him she leaves with a smile on him.

Expedition to Nakoku

Nakoku expedition 1

The group finally set course to Nakoku with a small expedition force, on the journey, they kill some time or take a break since it will be 5 days before reaching land. Anju is amazed to see the ocean for the first time regardless Munechka keeping an eye on her, Nosuri dealing her seasickness even with the medicine given by Kuon , Atui playing with Shinonon, Oshutoru/Haku fishing with Kuon. Later Oshutoru come to a conversation with Soyankekuru and Itaku (who joins in later) about their chances of victory and all the matter regarding the war. Later Oshutoru and Kuon come into conversation with Atui about her relationship with Itaku, Kuon is a bit jealous since Atui has someone who look after her (since Haku is now leading the war as Oshutoru and barely has any time for her) and Oshutoru/Haku is frustated since he doesn't have any romance ( but in fact he has one with Kuon, just that he is not aware of it).

Nakoku expedition 2

As they reach land, the group is shocked in amusement as they gaze upon the Great Brigde of Ivana, the pride of Nakoka, that connects the Imperial Capital to the land of Nakoka, build by the Mikado in one evening when an ancient prince of Nakoka who slayed the Nugwisomkami that destroyed any ship trying to cross the sea, making the sea journey between Yamato and Nakoka impossible, as a reward by slaying the beast and plegded loyalty to Yamato, the Mikado build the Ivana Brigde.

Brigde of Inava

Oshutoru and his group alongside En'nakamui army march forward Nakoka fortress as Soyankekuru watches over by sea. However, Oshutoru and Kuon expect a possible enemy ambush since they have the feeling of been watched, they reach and get settled at the Nakoku's hidden fortress where the remaining local forces receive them, now both forces on En'nakamui and Nakoku are banned together.

Clash of the two Royal Generals

As they spent the first night in the fortress after planning a way to take back Naara and the brigde now that Yamatan forces are gaining access to the land bacause of it, an unexpected Yamatan army attack through a breach on the wall, the group charge at the attacking forces with Itaku joining the battle as well. The only way to avoid the fortress to be over run by the Yamatans they have to go to the breach to stop any enemy coming through.

Nakoku battle 3

Once Atui and Itaku blocked the breach and the group dealed with the yamatan troops, victory seemed secured, but suddenly Mikazuchi comes out to be the one leading the siege, as the general of the left was about to land a letal strike on Itaku, Oshutoru blocks it, and so both royal generals come to face one another once more.

Nakoku battle 4

Even still not being a match for Mikazuchi, Oshutoru/Haku however managed to make a slide cut on his foe, Mikazuchi is amazed and recognizes him a warrior worthy of the name. Just as he was about to deliver a powerful attack on Oshutoru, dawn's light comes indicating that his time in Nakoka is up, Mikazuchi unleashed a less powerful attack that Oshutoru blocked it easily. Mikazuchi demands that till they meet again, Oshutoru/Haku shall not fall before any other foe. And so the General of the Left takes his leave.

Battle against Mikazuchi Edit

Akuruka Battle

Haku vs Mikazuchi (Second Battle)

As Oshutoru's army advances toward the capital, they were intercepted by Mikazuchi's forces, the General of the Left. Haku/Oshutoru assisted by Kuon confronted the General, as the two were able to defeat him at first, but then as Mikazuchi entered into Akuruturuka form, so does Haku. After defeating Mikazuchi, the general now retreat to the Capital.

Recapturing the Imperial Capital Edit

Heading to Tuskuru Edit

Battle against Woshisu Edit


Akuruka at full power

Just as he prepares to face Woshisu under the influence of the emperor's prototype Akuruka, Haku as Oshutoru enters into Akuruturuka form. While everyone fights off the tatari, Haku utilizes all the power of the mask so that Woshisu can be defeated in a single strike. In that moment, Haku's mask is broken and he loses his arm but manages to kill Woshisu.

Final moments Edit


Haku farewells to everyone.

After the battle, as Kuon, Rurutie, Atui, Nekone, Kiuru, Nosuri, Ougi, Yakutowaruto, Shinonon and the other waited for Oshutoru; only to find a dying Haku with a severed arm. Everyone was shocked that Haku used Oshutoru identity since the real General of the Right was long dead before arriving at En'nakamui. Haku gives a short chat to everyone of the group; as for Kuon, Haku thanks her for everything she has done since they met and apologizes to her for causing her such pain by faking his death. Haku smiles at her as he turns to ashes.

Revival and Saving Kuon Edit

Haku's return

Haku's Return

As Hakuoro passes his mask to Haku so he could be with ones he cares for, the former god tells him to save his daughter just when he was about to return to the living. At the time Dark Witsuarunemitea (now using Kuon as his core because of her entering in rampage and losing control of her powers by the grief of Haku's death) was about to kill Nekone, Haku stopped the attack with a flash of light as he returns, he takes Tessen and encourages everyone to battle and save Kuon. As Dark Witsuarunemitea is defeated once and for all, Haku carries Kuon to outside the ruins, just as she was about to thank him for saving her, Haku suddenly disappears, leaving behind Tessen.

Epilogue Edit

Kuon is back on a journey to find Haku, and stops at the first village she met Haku. There is a rumour that a travelling god comes and goes helping those in need.

Haku (Epilogue)

Haku appearing in Kuon's dream

The god is called Mashiro-sama. While she was sleeping she dreamed of Haku. She told Haku all of the stuff that's been happening and everyone wanted him to come back. Kuon told Haku she can't see his face since Haku was covered in shadow. Haku made light shine by revealing his face to her. But Haku did not say anything other than laughing and told her to wake and sleep under the blanket because she will get cold. And she woke up trying to chase after Haku, but it was a dream and Haku made her unable to move after that. The landlady comes by to tell Kuon about a miracle that happened: When she went outside the Village turns to spring time. She said it how that possible in just one night the snow is all gone.

Haku2 (Epilogue)

Haku taking the Tessen back.

And the landlady said Mashiro-sama must've came by. She told Kuon about him that Mashiro-sama has two followers and flower petals keep falling around him where ever he goes. Then she realizes that there is flower petals on her and the Tessen was gone. Haku took the Tessen back as a price for making the village stop snowing and her wish to see his face. Haku also got rid of the Tatari, Gigiri, and Borogiri from the caves to make it easier and safer for people to go into the forest.


Kuon looking forward on meeting Haku again.

Haku tells her he is fine and he is on a journey so she doesn't have to worry about him. Kuon tries to chase him, but she couldn't move. Kuon smiles and says she is getting closer to Haku and she won't let him go the next time they meet.


Combo Attacks (連撃)

Stage Learn Power Willpower Store Ring Attribute Firing range Range Void Detail
1 Initial x 1.15 15 Normal None Firing range small cross Attack Range 1 -
2 LV 2 x 1.40 10 Normal None Firing range small cross Attack Range 1 - Phys. ATK (Melee) + Poison
3 LV 24 x 1.65 5 Normal None Firing range small cross Attack Range 2 Defense Phys. ATK (Melee)
SPECIAL LV 26 x 2.75 0 None Firing range small cross Attack Range 4 Counter
Phys. ATK (Melee) + Cuts Full Willpower

Stage Learn Power Willpower Store Ring Attribute Firing range Range Void Detail
1 LV 13 x 1.00 0 Normal None Firing range small cross Attack Range 3 Counter Phys. ATK (Melee) + ATK ↓ (20%)
2 LV 19 x 1.20 0 Normal None Firing Range big cross Attack Range 2 Counter
Phys. ATK (Melee) + Provoke

Stage Learn Power Willpower Store Ring Firing range Range Void Detail
1 LV 7 x 0.75 0 Charge Firing Range recovery diamond Recovery Range 1 Evasion
HP Recovery + Willpower ↑ (25)
2 LV 17 x 1.00 0 Charge Firing Range recovery diamond Recovery Range 1 Evasion
HP Recovery + Status Ailments Recovery

Refining Skills (錬技)

Learn Activation # of times Willpower Store Range Detail
LV 11 25% 2 5 Recovery Range 1 Avoids Phys. ATK and recovers from status ailments.

Special Traits (特性)

Name Learn Range Effect
LV 3 Recovery Range Small Diamond Raises attack, defense and agility of allies within range by 8%.
士気向上 弐
LV Recovery Range Small Diamond Raises attack, defense and agility of allies within range by 12%.
LV 5 Recovery Range 1 When attacked, accelerates the action order of the user.
Shichikaizei Ni
失地回勢 弐
LV Recovery Range 1 When attacked, rapidly accelerates the actions of the user.
Reichyo no Ri
LV 9 Recovery Range 1 Reduces damage by 20% caused by a human.
LV 14 Recovery Range 1 Increases damage dealt to human by 20%.
LV 15 Recovery Range 1 Completely restores all HP when defeated (1 use only).
LV Recovery Range Small Diamond Disables spirit ailments of allies within range with provoke, fear and confusion.


  • Kuon - She is Haku's guardian, or so she says and they consider each other as family. As of now, there is no romantic feelings involved between her and Haku, but nevertheless she cares for him. She is somewhat of a slave driver too as she always pushes Haku to work, which could be her own way of making him independent and reliable. Then in futari no Hakuoro they became lovers.
    Haku and Kuon

    Haku and Kuon

Just after the war against the Uzuurusha ended, She tried to cheer him up on a date and have him a love letter of which Haku didn't quite understand what she meant to say on that letter. After he returned from the palace Kuon sings him a song as he sleeps. At the time when Yamato declares war upon Tuskuru he was quite worried about Kuon, He tried to ask her if she could help him to deliver supplies to Yamato armies even if either both of them didn't agree about the war, however when he realizes that she isn't in her room then he checked everywhere to find her, of which it hints that Haku also cares much for Kuon. Haku was surprised to see Kuon with the others ready to depart in the morning and she smiles at Haku with a happy and joyful face. He enjoys her company. Before their arrival to Tuskuru, Haku asks her if she is okay by helping Yamato invasion, she answers him by explaining her resolve for end the war since she declares herself as the only who can. After retreating from Tuskuru, Kuon gave him some company and asked him about his depression of the Emperor's death, since Haku doesn't belong to Yamato. After the battle against Vurai, he becomes eager to meet with Kuon and the others at En'nakamui. Unfortunately, Oshutoru's death meant that Haku must take his place to protect Anju by bearing his mask and clothes, thus faking his death to Kuon's grief and Haku's sadness. As Kuon leaves En'nakamui, Haku was about to reveal himself to her but his responsibility as Oshutoru forces him to stop. As he stand before the people of En'nakamui he still has the iron fan that Kuon gave him. It is noticed that Haku truly cares for Kuon but its uncertain if he has feelings for her. However is hinted that he wants to be with her.

Kuon and Haku - Romance

Haku and Kuon finally kiss.

In Futari no Hakuoro, Kuon has hard feelings toward Oshutoru as since she saw him as reponsible for "Haku's death" and she even flew into a rage when she (with her identity hidden) sees him using Tessen and claiming that he wielded it to honor a friend. Enraged, she began severely beating and would have continued to if not for Anju's interference. Her overhearing "Oshutoru" muttering something she knows only Haku would say immediately results in her suspecting his true identity and catches her offguard so much that she was unable to concentrate on her fight with Anju. Due to these events she calls off Tuskuru's planned invasion of Yamato and returns to the group under her previous guise. She is assured about Oshutoru's true identity, she starts to treat him in much the same way she treated Haku. She is suprised of what he is capable of by leading the war, but more when fighting grear foes such as Mikazuchi and Entering in Akuruka's form. She is concerned about him using the Akuruka since it can feed on his life. When Oshutoru admits he really is Haku she is overjoyed and wishes to call him by his true name again which he eventually allows when it is just the two of them but he still is attached to his role as Oshutoru, Kuon refuses that as a excuse as and she will await for his answer. At Tuskuru, as the princess, she demands for his services, Oshutoru is confused of her motives so she reveal herself as the Princess of Tuskuru, leaving him surprised. Later both discuss about all the secrets they kept from each other: Haku for being brother to the Mikado (Uncle to Anju) and taking his role as Oshutoru by faking his death, as for Kuon by being a princess from the very beginning; She expresses how sad she felt when Haku faked his own death. Later, both visit a human ruin and find a room where a stasis pod, Kuon revealed him that she was the one who accidentally woke Haku from his stasis pod and had been worried ever since that he resented being awoke into an unknown world alone with no memories, Haku assured her that he is nothing but grateful for having been awoken and after announcing he had forgotten something important, he kissed Kuon and said he remembered he'd never shown her how he felt. As Haku reveals himself after the final battle Fumirul states that he knows how Kuon feels about him and shares the same feelings for her. Kuon desperately does not wish him to go as he starts to fade and he thanks Kuon both her feelings for him and because he never would have gone so far or done as much if not for her. It's implied he pushed himself beyond his limits because he knew if he didn't Kuon would do so herself. Haku accepts Hakuoro's role and revives to save Kuon and his friends, saying that the girl he loves is calling for him. In the Epilogue, Haku appears to Kuon in a dream and tells her that he's always been with her since he disappeared and apologizes for making her feel lonely. When she wakes up Spring has suddenly come to the village she was staying at and Haku has left her his coat in exchange for Tessen. This proof that it wasn't merely a dream, Kuon says she's finally caught up to him and this time won't lose him.

  • Oshutoru/Ukon - Ukon finds Haku interesting and reliable too. Ukon familiarly calls him "An-chan (sonny or lad)." He comes to trust Haku and also asks his help with these "secret missions" in the form of odd jobs. This might be related to the fact that Haku fixed a broken water wheel and told Ukon (when the latter found Haku fixing the wheel) not to tell Kuon so that she'll not
    Haku and Oshutoru
    have him do more work. Haku thinks that Ukon is just messing up with him, but those odd jobs indeed are part of Ukon's plans. When Oshutoru tasked him to deliver supplies to the troops in Tuskuru, Haku hesitates at first since he doesn't want to help the invaders who are attacking Kuon's homeland, but accepts the task. It revealed that Haku is quite sick of Ukon/Oshutoru sending him tasks. Once returning to the Capital, however Haku was shocked and confused after hearing Oshutoru's execution, he questioned Oshutoru's decision on letting himself to be executed and allowing Vurai to have absolute control over Yamato, Haku convinced Oshutoru to escape the city. As Oshutoru fights Vurai, Haku believed that Oshutoru could defeat him. In the end, Oshutoru trusts Haku enough to hand him his mask as he dies and take over as Oshutoru.
    • Emperor of Yamato/Mito - He finds Haku interesting and trustworthy, as he gave him two young women known as the Kamunagi of Chains, of which he doesn't understand the reason. He rarely meets up the emperor at a secret chamber within the palace. When Haku wondered about his age, the emperor reveals him the truth that Mito and Haku are ancient humans, as a result he recalls flashback from his lost memories, Haku had a family: his older brother, a niece, and his sister-in-law. He hacked into the facility from the first series and stole the data about their research and handed it over to his brother, he even volunteered for complete his brother's research at the time he was going cold sleep. Then Haku recognized that the Emperor is in fact his brother and that his wife and daughter were turned into curses. When the emperor declared war upon Tuskuru, Haku disagreed about it and didn't know the reasons. He was further shocked when he heard that the emperor was assassinated.
    • Anju - They first met when he found her on a store eating some snacks, she didn't know the fact to "pay", so Haku paid the food for her. Haku was surprised when Anju is in fact the princess of Yamato. At the time when she asked him advise to "seduce" Oshutoru, Haku came up with the idea of a fake kidnap to lure Oshutoru. Once remembering some fragments of his past, he notices that Anju resembles to his niece, he got surprised that Anju is in fact a "copy" of his late niece. Haku took responsibility of protecting Anju after Oshutoru hands his mask to him before the latter died. Anju became Haku's sole relative alive since the emperor died. They are good friends.
Anju and Haku 1

Haku and Anju

In Futari no Hakuoro. Oshutoru checks on her while recovering, he cheers her up as the news of the impostor was named as the Mikado. By the time Haku's death was told to her as she was feeling better, Anju felt with grief. Anju looks up to him since he was masquerading Oshutoru. Oshutoru have confidence on her, he expects much of her, considering her strength as a Scion, he knows that she can deal anything that comes upon her, even the Scion of Witsuarunemitea. He truly cares for her. Haku is both impressed and terrified by Anju supernatural strength that even he tries to avoid to have a training battle with her. When Haku was revealed as he was dying, Anju still considers him as Oshutoru and his Uncle (now remembering her memories of her past self). She was glad that Haku has returned, still a little shocked about his disappearance. As she wander around the country along with Munechika and Mikazuchi, she looks forward to see her uncle again.

  • Saraana & Uruuru - By the time Mito gave him the Kamunagi of Chains, Haku felt kind of uncomfortable having them around at the beginning, however he later find them helpful since they were capable on using magic and of informing him when his brother calls him. He goes easy on them by telling them to not overdo things by risking their life, like the time they seal Vurai's Mask's power. He figured out that his brother gave them to him for protection. Once taking the alias of Oshutoru, Saraana and Uruuru are the ones on changing Haku's appearance to Oshutoru's. In the Epilogue, Saraana & Uruuru are seem alongside Haku as travel as the deity Mashiro.
  • Nekone - She did not like Haku at first and could not comprehend why her brother would be interested in someone like him but as she began to understand more about him, she started to warm up to him. He became her only emotional support ever since he took up her brother's identity. She help him to cover up his true identity while on En'nakamui. By the time They arrive at her house, Nekone ask him to not speak of Oshutoru death to her mother since she is sickly. She became uncomfortable with Haku masquerading as Oshuturo since she intervened in the battle with Vurai. In time she acknowledged him as a brother, Haku on the other hand think most of Nekone's affection toward him comes from the fact he is supposed to play her brother role much to Nekone's denial saying Haku is her brother and it have nothing to do with him playing the role of Oshutoru, similar to Oshutoru Nekone tend to act more childish
    Haku and Nekone (2)

    Nekone and Haku

    when around Haku something Haku doesn't mind and actually happy about, He wish for Nekone to find happiness before his final moments.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

He doesn't possesses a great strength or agility. However he is very smart on numbers and repairing mechanisms which makes him good on tactics and he's got a good insights.

Battle tactics Edit

At first his tactics were able to avoid to turn the tides of battle, like rescuing the captured famlies of the yamatan that were forced to fight for the invaders, he was able to device a plan to infiltrate Tuskuru's camp so they be able to blow up the food supplies, and he was able to figure out a way to infiltrate

His tatics are able to turn the tides of war even if he is in disavantage in number. He was able to wipe out Dekopompo entire army during the Battle of En'nakamui. He can notices a enemy's ambush and goes first alongside his companions to avoid having the army massacred. In time his tactics became fearsome to his foes that even Raiko recognizes it.

Tessen Edit

Haku vs Oshutoru

Haku vs Oshutoru

He was given the Tessen by Kuon against Gigiri, the same Tessen Hakuoro used in his life. Ever since then Haku wields it for self defense while facing foes. While defending himself, it's shown he is good in combat while using Tessen against Oshutoru during Anju's false kidnapping, which confirms that he can take care of himself. He is capable of knocking down guards quickly while calm without much effort. He shows endurance against the power of Vurai's Flames, while blocking his attacks with Tessen.

Haku - Futari no Hakuoro

Haku wielding Tessen (While being Oshutoru)

Even after returning the Tessen to Kuon as Haku faked his death and takes over Oshutoru's identity, Kuon drops it as she heads back to Tuskuru. However Haku takes it back and wields it. Haku also adopted Oshutoru's Katana and is shown to have a great mastery on swordmanship as he wields it. He still uses it even after taking Witsuarunemitea's mask.

Akuruka Mask Edit

Akuruturuka (Water)

Akuruturuka (Water)

As Haku receives the Mask he gains great strength and power, he also able to enter Akuruturuka form. His Akuruka power consists on water and ice; it has the capability of causing collateral damage on cities and armies. However the power of the Akuruka comes with a prize, the more he uses the power of the Akuruka the more of his being is eaten by the mask.

Due to wielding the Akuruka, his recovering is accelerated and gains a powerful endurance as he faces powerful foes.

Haku vs Mikazuchi

Haku/Oshutoru vs Mikazuchi

At first, Haku's skills in battle don't even match to Oshutoru's, but after receiving the Akuruka Mask, Haku's battle skill change drastically that he could easily defeat many soldier during battle, he even can match against Mikazuchi. In time his battle skill grew and was able to defeat Vurai (which seems to have survived).

Witsuarunemitea's Mask Edit

After receiving the mask and his revival, Haku seems to have complete control over the power. He may or not go into Witsuarunemitea's form, but he now possesses an even greater and power. He is capable to disappear from the thin air and change the climate (example: from winter to spring).

Trivia Edit

  • Both protagonists of this franchise have names with the color white as a theme. Hakuoro (白皇) means "white king" and Haku (白) means "white"
  • He consider Kuon, Atui, Rurutie, Nekone, Kiuru, Nosuri, Ougi, Yakutowaruto and Shinonon as family.
  • He becomes the new Onkami Witsuarunemitea as he accept the mask from Hakuoro himself.
  • The clothes given to Haku by Kuon in False Mask resemble the clothes worn by Oboro in the original Utawarerumono.
  • The Emperor, Mito, keeps thinking that Haku's real name is Hiroshi. This is a voice actor joke as a reference to Keiji Fujiwara's role voicing Hiroshi Nohara in the anime Crayon Shin-chan which is one of the most popular and iconic anime in Japan today.
  • Haku remembered his true name in the middle of False Mask but did not reveal it to the player let alone other characters. It's highly likely Mashiro is Haku's true name which is what he goes by in the epilogue.
  • Mashiro (真っ白) means "pure white" or "complete white" which continues the theme of white in the protagonist names.
  • Haku use Honoka nee-san/Nee-san when he refer to human Honoka and Honoka-san when he refer to decoy Honoka. For human Anju he use Chi-chan and for decoy Anju he use Ojou-san.

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