Haku Anime Portrait

Haku Game Portrait


Haku (Futari no Hakuoro)

Kanji ハク
Rōmaji Haku
Alias Oshutoru (オシュトル)

Akuruturuka (アクルトゥルカ)

Mashiro (真っ白)

Age Possibly Centuries old
Race Human (Formerly)

God (Currently)

Gender Male
Eye Color Brown (Formerly)

Golden (Currently)

Hair Color Brown
Nation Yamato
Affiliation Yamato
Relatives Mito (Older brother; Deceased)

Human Anju (Niece; Deceased)
Human Honoka (Sister-in-law; Deceased)
Anju (Niece) Woshisu (Nephew/Older Brother; Deceased)
Saraana & Ururu (Nieces)

Video Game Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen

Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro

Anime Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen (TV)
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Keiji Fujiwara
English Kregg Dailey

Haku (ハク) is the main protagonist of Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen and Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro. He begins his role in the story as an amnesiac man who serves as Kuon's travelling partner. He lacks physical abilities for a normal person but excels at his good intelligence and insights.

He was the leader of Yamato's Royal forces in En'nakamui during its civil war. After receiving Hakuoro's mask, he becomes a wandering deity known by the name of Mashiro.



Haku in Itsuwari no Kamen

Itsuwari no Kamen Edit

Haku is a young man, with black hair that reaches his shoulder and dark eyes. At first he wears hospital patient looking clothes. After meeting

Kuon he then wears a light kimono with a brown cloak. He also wears the same pants that Oboro once wore. Despite having an average body, he appears to be weak because he shows extreme laziness and struggles during manual labor. However he is capable of taking care of himself.

Futari no Hakuoro Edit


Haku in Futari no Hakuoro

As Haku wears the mask, he completely resembles the fallen General of the Right as he adopted the name of Oshutoru. He completely takes his appearance by changing his hairstyle and voice to Oshutoru's. He adopted Oshutoru's armour and clothing as well.

After his death and resurrection, he now wears white kimono with blue borders and a golden strings tied on both sides of the kimno, dark belt, pants and boots. He wears Witsuarunemitea's mask, now irremovable (maybe the mask it's the only thing that keeps him alive). His eyes changed from dark brown to golden after his return.


Haku is a lazy, somewhat diligent and soft-hearted person. He doesn't like to do much work and is often scolded by Kuon when he is unmotivated or slacking off. He desires to rest and eat after a hard work or battle. He is quick witted, intelligent and has good leadership skills, making him a good strategist and resulting from his high charisma where everybody is willing to follow him anywhere. He is very blunt and to the point often at the expense of others feelings. He is sharp, but has a bad habit of avoiding things he doesn't want to see. According to Oshutoru, Haku is described as sloppy and arrogant. When Kuon, Rurutie, and Nekone gave him their love letters, he didn't quite understand what they meant to him.

When Vurai of the Strong Arm destroyed the city of Maruruha with his Akuruturuka, Haku was shocked and in a deep grief by the death of the villagers in town. He couldn't stand with seeing such a massacre upon innocent people. Even after the event he still doesn't accept the death of the villagers and got traumatized about it as a result. He didn't originally like the idea of invading Kuons' homeland.

When the emperor revealed to him that he is a "human being" he was shown multiple flashbacks of his past life, and was shocked once he was told that the Emperor of Yamato is in fact his older brother.

By the time Oshutoru dies, Haku chooses to protect Anju (since she is the last of his family alive) by taking the identity of the General of the Right so he can put an end to the Civil War on Yamato. He deeply regrets on lying to Kuon, even more when she leaves. Haku knew that once Oshutoru entrusted him the mask, there was no turning back. He proclaimed Haku to be dead and that his path was now one of war, fully embracing the name of Oshutoru.

After his revival, Haku seems to be more focused on saving Kuon. And after he disappears once again he is known by the people as a deity by the name of Mashiro since he was helping those in need.

He is shown to care for Kuon since she was searching for him after the final battle. He talks to her in both her dream and reality. He tells her to not to worry about him and takes back Tessen as a reward for clearing the forest from any foes or vile creatures so she and anyone could enter the forest without any worries.

Background Edit

Haku originally human computer hacker who worked alongside his brother, Mito, who was studying genetics. His niece and sister-in-law would consistently visit him to clean up for him. Through his hacking, Haku was able to uncover data from the classified Iceman Project. From this Haku gave all the data he could gather from his hacking to his brother. Mito utilized this data to build his True Human Project. Through this, the human body could greatly enhance it's physical capabilities and be able to return to the Earth's surface. Haku decided to be the first volunteer for this project and was put into cryogenic sleep by Mito so the medication could take effect. During his sleep Hakuoro activated his curse on humanity in which all humans turned into tatari. The True Human Project was a success. Not only did it allow Haku and Mito to travel to the surface but it also changed their genetics enough to avoid Hakuoro's curse. Mito states that Haku is humanity's last hope and that he has to find a way to break the curse put upon them.


The False Mask (偽りの仮面)Edit

Haku found himself inside a shelter after waking up, being tended by a woman but soon lost consciousness again. He had a dream of a young girl referring someone as "old man", a woman worried about going on the "other side" that person and a man consulting whether he took the drug, stating the moment he wakes up, a new world awaits him. He also mentioned him being the first and last when the scene changed to a girl, making a promise that he'll definitely come.

Haku woke up from the dream, muttering he must go because of the person waiting, leading him to aimlessly wander outside the snow mountains. The cold wind stopped his automated instinct but a boro-gigiri pursued him in a chase. He was saved by a red slime in a cave where the hole he fell leads into, who ate the boro-gigiri. It formed a face, attempting to communicate but was interrupted by a flash grenade and he was rescued out of the cave. He was provided living, clothes, a name and they travelled to a nearby village the next day.

A Person Inside Haku Dream

Arriving in the village, he assisted Kuon with transporting bags of grain to the watermill before the sun set, where he demonstrated his good intelligence when the landlady was calculating their reward. Back in their room, Kuon planned to enter the bath first but something changed her mind, insisted that Haku should go first. After his relaxing bath, Kuon treated the sole of his feet but as she asks his condition, his drowsiness was slowly taking hold of him. Before he completely drifted into his sleep, there was a song being sung, which made him feel nostalgic. He had another strange dream of a random person in a hospital gown, who continuously moaned until it underwent a weird transformation and exploded, waking Haku from his slumber.

As his morning continues, he suspected that Kuon would give him another job due to the course of her conversation with the landlady. He was taken to the watermill, where he had to rotate the millstone in order to grind the grain due to the broken water mill. After numerous rotation, he decided to take a break, thinking he finished a bag of grain but there was only little amount of flour from the result of his work. He had an idea of fixing the water wheel so he wouldn't do anymore further more, where he fixed its problem and kept it secret from Kuon in order to not do anymore jobs as mentioned by the landlady, where he received a punishment after she found out later on.

Back in the inn, Kuon decided that they will be heading to the capital city but their peaceful night was interrupted by a villager in a panic. The villager explained that his group were attacked by Gigiri and Haku asked Kuon what it was. Kuon's description reminded him about the monster that attacked him from before. The next morning, Ukon planned to exterminate the gigiri, which puzzled him how they can handle such dangerous monster. Due to Kuon's condition for accepting Ukon's proposal of joining them, he had no choice but to tag along on their expedition.

Faking his death and Leading En'nakamui Edit

Haku leading En'nakamui

On their way to En'nakamui, Haku, Nekone and Kamunagi of Chains find Oshutoru resting on a rock, only to find out that his body is disappearing, Oshutoru passes his mask to Haku in order to protect Anju and asks Nekone to help him. As Haku (now disguised as Oshutoru) tells everyone that "Haku is dead" Atui, Rurutie, Nosuri, Kiuru come into deep grief, especially to Kuon which left her heartbroken and caused her return to Tuskuru. As he stands before the people of En'nakamui he announces that the emperor was murdered and the same plotters tried to kill the Princess as well. He asks the people of En'nakamui to rise under the banner of the Princess in order to reunify Yamato. And thus begins Yamato's Civil War.

Preparing for war Edit

Defending En'nakamui Edit

Meeting the Mikoto of Tuskuru Edit

Battle against Mikazuchi Edit

Akuruka Battle

Haku vs Mikazuchi (Second Battle)

As Oshutoru's army advances toward the capital, they were intercepted by Mikazuchi's forces, the General of the Left. Haku/Oshutoru assisted by Kuon confronted the General, as the two were able to defeat him at first, but then as Mikazuchi entered into Akuruturuka form, so does Haku. After defeating Mikazuchi, the general now swear to aid Oshutoru to end the Civil war.

Recapturing the Imperial Capital Edit

Heading to Tuskuru Edit

Battle against Woshisu Edit


Akuruka at full power

Just as he prepares to face Woshisu under the influence of the emperor's prototype Akuruka, Haku as Oshutoru enters into Akuruturuka form. While everyone fights off the tatari, Haku utilizes all the power of the mask so that Woshisu can be defeated in a single strike. In that moment, Haku's mask is broken and he loses his arm but manages to kill Woshisu.

Final moments Edit


Haku farewells to everyone.

After the battle, as Kuon, Rurutie, Atui, Nekone, Kiuru, Nosuri, Ougi, Yakutowaruto, Shinonon and the other waited for Oshutoru; only to find a dying Haku with a severed arm. Everyone was shocked that Haku used Oshutoru identity since the real General of the Right was long dead before arriving at En'nakamui. Haku gives a short chat to everyone of the group; as for Kuon, Haku thanks her for everything she has done since they met and apologizes to her for causing her such pain by faking his death. Haku smiles at her as he turns to ashes.

Revival and Saving Kuon Edit

Haku's return

Haku's Return

As Hakuoro passes his mask to Haku so he could be with ones he cares for, the former god tells him to save his daughter just when he was about to return to the living. At the time Dark Witsuarunemitea (now using Kuon as his core because of her entering in rampage and losing control of her powers by the grief of Haku's death) was about to kill Nekone, Haku stopped the attack with a flash of light as he returns, he takes Tessen and encourages everyone to battle and save Kuon. As Dark Witsuarunemitea is defeated once and for all, Haku carries Kuon to outside the ruins, just as she was about to thank him for saving her, Haku suddenly disappears, leaving behind Tessen.

Epilogue Edit

Kuon is back on a journey to find Haku, and stops at the first village she met Haku. There is a rumour that a travelling god comes and goes helping those in need.

Haku (Epilogue)

Haku appearing in Kuon's dream

The god is called Mashiro-sama. While she was sleeping she dreamed of Haku. She told Haku all of the stuff that's been happening and everyone wanted him to come back. Kuon told Haku she can't see his face since Haku was covered in shadow. Haku made light shine by revealing his face to her. But Haku did not say anything other than laughing and told her to wake and sleep under the blanket because she will get cold. And she woke up trying to chase after Haku, but it was a dream and Haku made her unable to move after that. The landlady comes by to tell Kuon about a miracle that happened: When she went outside the Village turns to spring time. She said it how that possible in just one night the snow is all gone.

Haku2 (Epilogue)

Haku taking the Tessen back.

And the landlady said Mashiro-sama must've came by. She told Kuon about him that Mashiro-sama has two followers and flower petals keep falling around him where ever he goes. Then she realizes that there is flower petals on her and the Tessen was gone. Haku took the Tessen back as a price for making the village stop snowing and her wish to see his face. Haku also got rid of the Tatari, Gigiri, and Borogiri from the caves to make it easier and safer for people to go into the forest.


Kuon looking forward on meeting Haku again.

Haku tells her he is fine and he is on a journey so she doesn't have to worry about him. Kuon tries to chase him, but she couldn't move. Kuon smiles and says she is getting closer to Haku and she won't let him go the next time they meet.


Combo Attacks (連撃)

Stage Learn Power Willpower Store Ring Attribute Firing range Range Void Detail
1 Initial x 1.15 15 Normal None Firing range small cross Attack Range 1 -
2 LV 2 x 1.40 10 Normal None Firing range small cross Attack Range 1 - Phys. ATK (Melee) + Poison
3 LV 24 x 1.65 5 Normal None Firing range small cross Attack Range 2 Defense Phys. ATK (Melee)
SPECIAL LV 26 x 2.75 0 None Firing range small cross Attack Range 4 Counter
Phys. ATK (Melee) + Cuts Full Willpower

Stage Learn Power Willpower Store Ring Attribute Firing range Range Void Detail
1 LV 13 x 1.00 0 Normal None Firing range small cross Attack Range 3 Counter Phys. ATK (Melee) + ATK ↓ (20%)
2 LV 19 x 1.20 0 Normal None Firing Range big cross Attack Range 2 Counter
Phys. ATK (Melee) + Provoke

Stage Learn Power Willpower Store Ring Firing range Range Void Detail
1 LV 7 x 0.75 0 Charge Firing Range recovery diamond Recovery Range 1 Evasion
HP Recovery + Willpower ↑ (25)
2 LV 17 x 1.00 0 Charge Firing Range recovery diamond Recovery Range 1 Evasion
HP Recovery + Status Ailments Recovery

Refining Skills (錬技)

Learn Activation # of times Willpower Store Range Detail
LV 11 25% 2 5 Recovery Range 1 Avoids Phys. ATK and recovers from status ailments.

Special Traits (特性)

Name Learn Range Effect
LV 3 Recovery Range Small Diamond Raises attack, defense and agility of allies within range by 8%.
士気向上 弐
LV Recovery Range Small Diamond Raises attack, defense and agility of allies within range by 12%.
LV 5 Recovery Range 1 When attacked, accelerates the action order of the user.
Shichikaizei Ni
失地回勢 弐
LV Recovery Range 1 When attacked, rapidly accelerates the actions of the user.
Reichyo no Ri
LV 9 Recovery Range 1 Reduces damage by 20% caused by a human.
LV 14 Recovery Range 1 Increases damage dealt to human by 20%.
LV 15 Recovery Range 1 Completely restores all HP when defeated (1 use only).
LV Recovery Range Small Diamond Disables spirit ailments of allies within range with provoke, fear and confusion.


  • Kuon - She is Haku's guardian, or so she says and they consider each other as family. As of now, there is no romantic feelings involved between her and Haku, but nevertheless she cares for him. She is somewhat of a slave driver too as she always pushes Haku to work, which could be her own way of making him independent and reliable.
    Haku and Kuon

Just after the war against the Uzuurusha ended, She tried to cheer him up on a date and have him a love letter of which Haku didn't quite understand what she meant to say on that letter. After he returned from the palace Kuon sings him a song as he sleeps. At the time when Yamato declares war upon Tuskuru he was quite worried about Kuon, He tried to ask her if she could help him to deliver supplies to Yamato armies even if either both of them didn't agree about the war, however when he realizes that she isn't in her room then he checked everywhere to find her, of which it hints that Haku also cares much for Kuon. Haku was surprised to see Kuon with the others ready to depart in the morning and Kuon smiles at Haku with a happy and joyful face. He enjoys her company. Before their arrival to Tuskuru, Haku asks her if she is okay by helping Yamato invasion, she answers him by explaining her resolve for end the war since she declares herself as the only who can. After retreating from Tuskuru, Kuon gave him some company and asked him about his depression of the Emperor's death, since Haku doesn't belong to Yamato. After the battle against Vurai, he becomes eager to meet with Kuon and the others at En'nakamui. Unfortunately, Oshutoru's death meant that Haku must take his place to protect Anju by bearing his mask and clothes, thus faking his death to Kuon's grief and Haku's sadness. As Kuon leaves En'nakamui, Haku was about to reveal himself to her but his responsibility as Oshutoru forces him to stop. As he stand before the people of En'nakamui he still has the iron fan that Kuon gave him. It is noticed that Haku truly cares for Kuon but its uncertain if he has feelings for her. However is hinted that he wants to be with her.


In Futari no Hakuoro, Kuon had a set of hard feelings toward Oshutoru , since she makes him reponsible for "Haku's death", she got even angrier at him when she sees him wielding Tessen and she beat him near death until Anju interferes. After that Oshutoru once again apologies to Kuon as she expresses her sorrow about Haku. She decides to come along to help him in Yamato's Civil War. In the process Kuon feels romantic feelings toward Oshutoru that they even kissed. As Haku reveals himself after the final battle that he was playing as Oshutoru since arriving to En'nakamui, he thanks Kuon for everything she has done for him and apologies to her by faking his death. As he revived he is focused on saving Kuon. In the Epilogue, Haku smiles at Kuon and tells her to not to worry about him, informing her that he is on a journey and he will be back.

  • Oshutoru/Ukon - Ukon finds Haku interesting and reliable too. Ukon familiarly calls him "An-chan (sonny or lad)." He comes to trust Haku and also asks his help with these "secret missions" in the form of odd jobs. This might be related to the fact that Haku fixed a broken water wheel and told Ukon (when the latter found Haku fixing the wheel) not to tell Kuon so that she'll not
    Haku and Oshutoru
    have him do more work. Haku thinks that Ukon is just messing up with him, but those odd jobs indeed are part of Ukon's plans. When Oshutoru tasked him to deliver supplies to the troops in Tuskuru, Haku hesitates at first since he doesn't want to help the invaders who are attacking Kuon's homeland, but accepts the task. It revealed that Haku is quite sick of Ukon/Oshutoru sending him tasks. Once returning to the Capital, however Haku was shocked and confused after hearing Oshutoru's execution, he questioned Oshutoru's decision on letting himself to be executed and allowing Vurai to have absolute control over Yamato, Haku convinced Oshutoru to escape the city. As Oshutoru fights Vurai, Haku believed that Oshutoru could defeat him. In the end, Oshutoru trusts Haku enough to hand him his mask as he dies and take over as Oshutoru.
    • Emperor of Yamato/Mito - He finds Haku interesting and trustworthy, as he gave him two young women known as the Kamunagi of Chains, of which he doesn't understand the reason. He rarely meets up the emperor at a secret chamber within the palace. When Haku wondered about his age, the emperor reveals him the truth that Mito and Haku are ancient humans, as a result he recalls flashback from his lost memories, Haku had a family: his older brother, a niece, and his sister-in-law. He hacked into the facility from the first series and stole the data about their research and handed it over to his brother, he even volunteered for complete his brother's research at the time he was going cold sleep. Then Haku recognized that the Emperor is in fact his brother and that his wife and daughter were turned into curses. When the emperor declared war upon Tuskuru, Haku disagreed about it and didn't know the reasons. He was further shocked when he heard that the emperor was assassinated.
    • Anju - They first met when he found her on a store eating some snacks, she didn't know the fact to "pay", so Haku paid the food for her. Haku was surprised when Anju is in fact the princess of Yamato. At the time when she asked him advise to "seduce" Oshutoru, Haku came up with the idea of a fake kidnap to lure Oshutoru. Once remembering some fragments of his past, he notices that Anju resembles to his niece, he got surprised that Anju is in fact a "copy" of his late niece. Haku took responsibility of protecting Anju after Oshutoru hands his mask to him before the latter died. Anju became Haku's sole relative alive since the emperor died. They are good friends.
    • Saraana & Uruuru - By the time Mito gave him the Kamunagi of Chains, Haku felt kind of uncomfortable having them around at the beginning, however he later find them helpful since they were capable on using magic and of informing him when his brother calls him. He goes easy on them by telling them to not overdo things by risking their life, like the time they seal Vurai's Mask's power. He figured out that his brother gave them to him for protection. Once taking the alias of Oshutoru, Saraana and Uruuru are the ones on changing Haku's appearance to Oshutoru's. In the Epilogue, Saraana & Uruuru are seem alongside Haku as travel as the deity Mashiro.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

He doesn't possesses a great strength or agility. However he is very smart on numbers and repairing mechanisms which makes him good on tactics and he's got a good insights.

Tessen Edit

Haku vs Oshutoru

Haku vs Oshutoru

He was given the Tessen by Kuon against Gigiri, the same Tessen Hakuoro used in his life. Ever since then Haku wields it for self defense while facing foes. While defending himself, it's shown he is good in combat while using Tessen against Oshutoru during Anju's false kidnapping, which confirms that he can take care of himself. He is capable of knocking down guards quickly while calm without much effort. He shows endurance against the power of Vurai's Flames, while blocking his attacks with Tessen.

Haku - Futari no Hakuoro

Haku wielding Tessen (While being Oshutoru)

Even after returning the Tessen to Kuon as Haku faked his death and takes over Oshutoru's identity, Kuon drops it as she heads back to Tuskuru. However Haku takes it back and wields it. Haku also adopted Oshutoru's Katana and is shown to have a great mastery on swordmanship as he wields it. He still uses it even after taking Witsuarunemitea's mask.

Akuruka Mask Edit

Akuruturuka (Water)

Akuruturuka (Water)

As Haku receives the Mask he gains great strength and power, he also able to enter Akuruturuka form. His Akuruka power consists on water and ice; it has the capability of causing collateral damage on cities and armies.

Haku vs Mikazuchi

Haku/Oshutoru vs Mikazuchi

Haku's skills in battle don't even match to Oshutoru's, but after receiving the Akuruka Mask, Haku's battle skill change drastically that he could easily defeat many soldier during battle, he even can match against Mikazuchi. In time his battle skill grew and was able to defeat Vurai (which seems to have survived).

Witsuarunemitea's Mask Edit

After receiving the mask and his revival, Haku seems to have complete control over the power. He may or not go into Witsuarunemitea's form, but he now possesses an even greater and power. He is capable to disappear from the thin air and change the climate (example: from winter to spring).

Trivia Edit

  • Both protagonists of this franchise have names with the color white as a theme. Hakuoro (白皇) means "white king" and Haku (白) means "white"
  • The clothes given to Haku by Kuon in False Mask resemble the clothes worn by Oboro in the original Utawarerumono.
  • The Emperor, Mito, keeps thinking that Haku's real name is Hiroshi. This is a voice actor joke as a reference to Keiji Fujiwara's role voicing Hiroshi Nohara in the anime Crayon Shin-chan which is one of the most popular and iconic anime in Japan today.
  • Haku remembered his true name in the middle of False Mask but did not reveal it to the player let alone other characters. It's highly likely Mashiro is Haku's true name which is what he goes by in the epilogue.
  • Mashiro (真っ白) means "pure white" or "complete white" which continues the theme of white in the protagonist names.
  • Haku use Honoka nee-san/Nee-san when he refer to human Honoka and Honoka-san when he refer to decoy Honoka. For human Anju he use Chi-chan and for decoy Anju he use Ojou-san.

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