Itaku (イタク) is the prince of the country Nakoku, a country that lies next to Shahhoro.[1]




He has a serious and sincere personality, and easily trusts others. However, he tends to be rather rash in his decision when coming face to face with the anyone who had angered him; like Maroro.


Itaku was driven out of his country when the soldiers from Yamato invaded, led by Maroro. He met up with his uncle, Soyankekuru, to request aid from Oshutoru(Haku) to provide the needed manpower to retake the the country. During this time, she met up with Atui and reveals the engagement between the two of them, something Soyankekuru hates to admit but cannot deny due to be something set up behind his back by his own sister and mother.

Bringing Oshutoru's group back to the rebel's base in Nakoku, he spends some time engaging in conversation with some members of the group. He was particular vocal about wanting to have Atui stay back from the heat of battle because he didn't want to expose her to the danger. Atui dismissed all his concerns despite his pleadings.

Some time that night, the base of the rebels was besieged by an elite group of Yamato soldiers commanded by Mikazuchi and he barely survived the ordeal because Mikazuchi was forced to retreat as the sun began to rise at the horizon. During the siege of the capital, he accompanied the Oshutoru's infiltration group and came face to face with Maroro. He had to be held down several times as he was very eager to exact revenge on the strategist that caused much grief to his country. Escaping the devious trap Maroro had prepared with Atui's timely intervention and the addition of reinforcements, he tried to push for Maroro's head to eventually be forced to watch as the vile strategist destroyed the Great Bridge which connected Nakoku and the Yamato mainland.

Even though feeling despair for not being able to stop the destruction of the Great Bridge, a monument which the Mikado had personally set up in the past, he was brought to his senses by Oshutoru that he had actually won the battle and his people were waiting for him, rather than mourning over something like a bridge. In the end, he vowed to rebuild his homeland.

Later he is made a member of the Eight Pillar Generals due to his feats.


He is Atui’s cousin and her fiance. This was something decided by his mother, Soyankekuru's sister, and his grandmother. Atui herself doesn't know about this engagement.

Itaku's mother is Soyankekuru's younger sister.


  • In the game, he is last seen talking happily with Entoa, hinting that the two might get together.


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