Izuruha (イズルハ) is a vassal state of Yamato.

Background Edit

Country established by a union of clans with ties to the Evenkuruga people, a group known even in far-off Tuskur. The weather is cool all year round, and the landscape is famous for its beautiful red leaves. It remains lush with woodland resources, including the land's wildlife.

Izuruha has no large cities, and with a chieftain at its center, it is a territory established by an assortment of gathered clans. The weather is cool and calm all year round. With rare and lush trees growing throughout the land, it is known as quite a scenic country.

The Eight Pillar General Tokifusa reigned over this land for the past decade, but when Oshtor arrived to forge an alliance, he laid a trap and tried to defeat him. However, in the battle that followed, Tokifusa died in a final self-destructive grab for power.

Afterwards, the former Pillar General and clan leader Genho called on the clans, entrusted the family legacy to Nosuri, and formed an alliance with Ennakamuy.

Notable inhabitants Edit