Kiuru Anime

Kiuru Game Portrait

Kanji キウル
Rōmaji Kiuru
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blond
Nation En'nakamui
Affiliation Yamato
Relatives Ukon (Sworn Brother)

Shinonon (Proposed wife)

Video Game Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen
Anime Utawarerumono 2: The False Faces
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Murase Ayumu

Kiuru (キウル) is the prince of En'nakamui, and the sworn brother to Oshutoru.


He has blond hair, green eyes, brown ears and tail with darker color on the end. He wears a choker, Fingerless Gloves, and bow as his main weapon. His build is consider small compare to other male members.


Kiuru is easily flustered, especially in front of Nekone. He respects Oshutoru very much to the point of becoming his sworn brother. Despite being a prince from En'nakamui, his personality is kind, gentle, and worrywart at others well-being. Kiuru has complex on his growth, which ends up as teasing material by others.



Kiuru in mask.

In anime, Haku and Kiuru's first meeting is when he was protecting or more likely chasing Haku from away Atui. This order came from Oshutoru, which he completely misunderstood. Oshutoru asked Kiuru to be Atui's bodyguard during her stay in the capital city. The misunderstanding was finally clear when Nekone and Kuon arrived at the scene to find Haku. The very next day, Kiuru came to Hakurokaku with Atui, and said he will be in Haku's care from now on, since his brother asked him to help Haku. Before this point, Kiuru perhaps has learned Oshutoru's other identity.

In the game, Haku first met Kiuru in the parade, where Yamato's affiliation countries came to celebrate Festival of Holy Birth. Kiuru came as the representative of En'nakamui. Nekone explained that Kiuru is from her homeland and a sworn bother to Oshutoru. After the parade Ukon came to Hakurokaku with Kiuru, and said that Oshutoru sent Kiuru to help Haku with odd jobs. At this point Kiuru is still clueless that Oshutoru and Ukon are the same person. The secret was finally out when Nekone called Ukon her big brother. This revelation almost causes Kiuru to faint.



His greatly respect sworn borther. He always thought that Ukon looks better when he dressed as Oshutoru.


Kiuru has crush on Nekone to the point everyone in the party knew, but Nekone is unaware of his feeling and considers Kiuru as troublesome and annoying. When Kuon asks Nekone if she hates Kiuru, she answers she doesn't think that way, she just consider him a bother to her big brother.


Kiuru usually paired with Haku in doing Ukon's odd jobs. During this time Kiuru grows respect for Haku for his decision and quick thinking. Haku usually tease Kiuru about his feeling towards and how "small" he is.


  • The anime didn't explain Kiuru is a prince. More-likely he probably consider a common civilian working under Ukon.
  • He has slightly better eyesight in his right eye then his left.