Kopopo anime

Kopopo game

Kanji ココポ
Rōmaji Kokopo
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark Brown
Relatives Rurutie (Owner)
Video Game Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen
Anime Utawarerumono 2: The False Faces
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Yonezawa Madoka

Kokopo (ココポ) is a Hororon Bird that Rurutie rides.


Kokopo has 3 colors feather, white for the head, dark blue for the body, and red tail with black arrow pattern. A three colors (Black, white, and red) tuft on her head. A red saddle fixed on her back, with brown straps around the neck, under the wings, and the belly's bottom. Each junctions are connected to a circle like object. She chirps like a pigeon mixed with quail sound.


Kokopo is pack animal that Rurutie uses to travel around and serve as battle companion. She has the ability to read its master's emotions and can even protect her when the situation arises. Kokopo is very protective towards Rurutie, and doesn't stop until she beats other who disrespect her master to pulp. When this happen, even Rurutie doesn't have ability to stop her.

According to Rurutie, Kokopo doesn't easily trust others and always kept her guard up at other human. In game, when Haku accidentally bumps to Kokopo, the bird shows a very affection acts like rubbing her head at Haku. Rurutie states she never act this affectionate towards others.



First Meeting between Rurutie and Haku

In the game, Haku first meets with Kokopo when he accidentally bumps into her. Kokopo stares at him, begins to rub her head at Haku, and chirps happily. Haku, still in shock seeing such a large bird, begins to walk away, and Kokopo start to follows him. As Haku sprints to get away, she chases him, catches him, and sits on the top of him. Haku begs Rurutie tell Kokopo to stand up, but the bird refuses and happily sit on him. Until Kuon arrives at the scene, Kokopo finally let Haku off. According to Kuon, Kokopo refuses to let go of Haku because she likes him very much. The reason why Kokopo won't listen to Rurutie's plea because Kokopo considers her as a friend, not a master.

Kopopo and haku

In anime, Kokopo's first appearance when Haku mistook Kokopo's voice as a talking bird, and compliments that she has a very beautiful voice. The blushing reaction from Kokopo suggested she likes Haku very much at the first sight. During their travel toward the capital city before the group were stop by Nosuri, Kokopo shows affectionate act by rubbing her head at Haku. To Haku's dismay, even Rurutie couldn't stop this act. Rurutie says she's never seen Kokopo this affectionate towards other people. Kokopo is very protective towards people she cares. For example when Maroro tried to sit between Haku and Rurutie, she kicked Maroro away, as well as the bandit leader when he spits at Haku, Kokopo when in rage and attacked the bandit merciless to chase them away.

Hororon bird

Hororon bird's explanation

This act earn Kokopo a nickname from Mozuno the bandit leader "Nugizono Kami" (in game only). When the group meets Mozunu once again when he tries to rob somebody's home, the bandit screams at the sight of Kokopo, and runs away. The group chase the bandit to their camp. Mozuno shouts not to let Kokopo near them because she is a Nugizono Kami. Mozuno said that Kokopo was a demon, a god of misfortune, the devil because of her size and colors. Rurutie defends her by saying that Kokopo just an normal Hororon Bird. This answer went into blaze of debate, Mozuno explains that a normal Hororon bird was smaller and the colors are far more vivid. Hearing this explanation, Haku asked the group if what Mozunu said is true, which end with silence from Kuon and Rurutie.



Kokopo considers Rurutie as her friend and family, rather than owner. She willingly fights and defend Rurutie if anyone is ever rude or disrespects her.


Kokopo likes Haku very much, in Rurutie's dismay as she was unable to stop her from crushing Haku. Haku is the only person she shows affection to beside Rurutie.


Kokopo first showed natural hostility over Mukkuru about the food when Aruruu and Kamyu visited Yamato. In the end, the two animals reconciled and ate together, along with sleeping together. When Mukkuru left for Tuskuru, Kokopo was very saddened and even waved goodbye to her friend. She attempted to meet and chase him when she spotted him in Tuskuru but was instead led to Munechika's camp with the supplies and everyone else. This event happened in anime only.


  • Despite being a Hororon bird, she can't fly.

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