Mutikapa is the mostly invincible nocturnal god of the forest who feeds on humans and has a son named Mukkuru. She is a large white tiger with black stripes and her fur is so thick that no weapon can pierce it. Her only weakness, as discovered by Hakuoro, is water. When she is wet her fur becomes fragile and can easily be torn.

She is shown to be a somewhat petty god as she went on a rampage after Nuwangi smashed a shrine erected to her, killing and eating dozens of people. It is possible that she was hunting the humans because she needed to feed her newly born cub, Mukkuru, not because of what happened to her shrine. This would explain why she didn't stop even after the shrine was rebuilt as she needed to eat to provide milk for Mukkuru.

History Edit

Prior to the Series Edit

At some point prior to the series, Mutikapa went on a rampage, feeding on humans. Tusukuru's older sister, Aruruu, sacrificed herself to the Mutikapa. After she was eaten, Mutikapa went to sleep and all incidents ended.

Episode 1 Edit

Nuwangi smashes a shrine erected to her in anger after Hakuoro forces him to leave the village and humiliates him. As he is stomping on the shine, one of Mutikapa's roars echoes through the forest. His Woptar flees in terror and Nuwangi quickly runs away after it.

Episode 2 Edit

Mutikapa fulls reawakens and once the rain stops, goes out and begins to tear through villages and eat humans. This ends the peace the villagers have enjoyed for so long. When the villagers find the shrine to her destroyed (by Nuwangi), they rebuild it in hopes it will appease her. The attempt fails and Mutikapa proceeds to attack the village, breaking down the wall of a building and devouring the family inside.

Hakuoro attempts to stop Mutikapa with a pitchfork, however he is unable to do any damage. She slashes his chest with her claws and is about to finish him off when Eruruu arrives. It begins to rain and rather then press the fight, Mutikapa retreats into the forest.

Later the next day, Hakuoro and Teoro rouse Mutikapa from her den as she sleeps. Enraged, she chases them through the forest. She almost manages to kill Hakuoro, but is lured onto the swamps. A false cover has been created by the villages and once she reaches it they collapse the cover and she falls into the water. She is able to pull herself free, but, soaking wet, the villagers are able to injure her with their weapons. Hakuoro reluctantly delivers the killing blow onto her.

Her son, Mukkuru, is found and adopted by Aruruu.

Episode 5 Edit

Benawi and Kurou mistaken Mutikapa's son, Mukkuru, for her. Rather then push a confrontation with what they believe is the god of the forest, they disengage from Hakuoro's forces and flee.