Mutsumi (ムツミ) is the daughter of Witsuarunemitea. She was created from the DNA of Iceman. Mutsumi is reincarnated as an alternate personality into the black-winged Onkamiyamukai every generation. She currently shares a body with Kamyu.

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Personality Edit

Mutsumi is largely emotionless to others but that doesn't mean she has a cold heart. Obedient as she is, she would follow the commands of her father due to her love and loyalty to him, no matter which side of her father she is aligned with. For example, she fought Hakuoro, whom she regarded as her other father, due to Dii's command despite knowing that both Dii and Hakuoro were her father's split natures and the fact that Hakuoro chose Kamyu over her. She has the feelings of love and fear, which is mostly directed to her father. In the context of the latter, she pleaded with Hakuoro not to disturb Dii as their fighting, which is forbidden, would only lead to destruction and suffering on their part. According to Kamyu, Mutsumi became very happy when she was reunited with her father and decided to return Kamyu to everyone after granting his wish to sleep once again.

Biography Edit

Mutsumi was created as Experiment #63 from Iceman's DNA and was the strongest specimen to be created. When her father asked to be destroyed after turning the human scientists into Curses and unable to control his darker side, she fulfilled his request but even with the Flames of Purification, she failed to destroy her father and only wiped out the earth, with only the freed experiments to survive. So she decided to seal him in the earth but before she could, her father's soul was split in two and they became separate entities. Sometime later, she founded Onkamiyamukai and its devoted worship to her father, thus she would be reincarnated through her descendants with black wings. According to legend, the reason she does this is so that she can be with her father.

Relationships Edit

Witsuarunemitea - Mutsumi loves her father deeply and is very loyal to him. She would gladly obey any command given, even if that meant to be destroyed or sealed away. Throughout her life, she sought to be reunited with him and according to Kamyu, was very happy when she was during Hakuoro's sealing.

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