Nakoku (ナコク) is a vassal state of Yamato.

Background Edit

Country south of Yamato. It has a jutting peninsula and a great gulf. To the north, a giant bridge connects the roads to the The Imperial Capital, and to the west its borders are shared with Shyahoro. Its capital is Naara.

Neighboring country of Shyahoro, located southeast of Yamato. Has a warm climate all year and a land filled with vegetation. Being swept up in the conflict between the Allied Ennakamuy Forces and the Yamato Imperial Forces, the capital city Naara is taken down by the Yamato Imperial Forces.

The owlo was also killed during this time, and with the prince Itak leading, they establish the hidden fortress as their base of operations, and with Soyankekur of Shyahoro, they asked for Ennakamuy's aid in executing the mission to take back the capital city.

In the decisive battle, the country's most valuable facility, the Great Bridge of Inava was lost, but the capital was successfully taken back.

Naara Edit

Naara (ナアラ) is the capital of Nakoku, positioned next to one end of the Great Bridge of Inava that connects to the Imperial Capital. A midpoint between the Imperial Capital and Shyahoro. It has prospered greatly from trade.

Bridge of Inava (Uta 3)

Great Bridge of Inava Edit

The Great Bridge of Inava ( 白磁 ( イナヴァ ) の大橋) is a huge bridge said to have been a gift from the Mikado to the ancestors of Itak (the original founders of the nation of Nakoku.) History says that the bridge was given as a reward for slaying monsters that had been plaguing the Imperial Capital.

It is built like no other known bridge, having no visible joints. It is famous as a monument to the incredible power of the Mikado. Its end sits next to the capital city of Nakoku, Naara, and fulfills an important role of being the key to the nation's trade routes. It is also famous as a tourist attraction.

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