The Lullaby of the WatchtowerEdit

# Title Air Date
01 The Lullaby of the Watchtower
Bōrō no Komoriuta (望楼の子守唄)
June 26, 2009


It is a peaceful day at the palace but Urutorii finds an abandoned baby. Benawi tells Kurou to investigate nearby villages to identify the baby’s parents while Urutorii takes care of the baby. She experiences motherhood while taking care of the baby but Karura warns her not to get too attached to the baby because it will be hard for her to separate when baby returns to its family. Day after day, Urutorii keeps on worrying about baby and if it will find its family again. Not for long, Urutorii eventually becomes attached to the baby and unwilling to let it go.

After a few days of investigation, Benawi and Kurou find out the baby’s parents are from conflicting village tribes and that the baby is an unwanted child but with help from the palace, the tribes were able to unite and the baby’s parents now wanted to have their child back. When Urutorii finds this out, she runs away with the baby. Hakuoro and the others go looking for her.

After they find her, they ask Urutorii to return the baby but she refuses to give the baby up. Karura tells her that by keeping the baby away from its family, is kidnapping. Despite Karura's pleas, Urutorii still won't listen and decide to fight Karura. It is revealed in a series of brief flashbacks during the fight that Karura and Utorii have known each other since they were children and have fought many times before. While fighting, the baby cries which brings Urutorii to her senses and that she must give the baby back.