# Title Air Date
02 The Prescription of Secret Love

Hiren no Shohousen (秘恋の処方箋)

December 23, 2009

Plot Edit

Erurū is kidnapped by an Onkami named Nopon and a Kimamau named Gomuta. They asked Erurū to make a medicine that will make someone look young to help their mistress, Kamuchatāru, a bar owner who is in love with a man who likes young women. Eruruu believes the man is Benawi.

Kamuchatāru asked her to stop telling Erurū she was once a princess, the daughter of Inkalla. When he was killed, she was betrayed by her people and sought revenge against Tusukuru, the new empire. She, Nopon, and Gomuta were caught and supposed to be executed but the man she fell in love pardoned them. She doesn’t want to trouble that person anymore.

After gathering some things from Erurū’s room, Nopon and Gomuta were seen by Arurū, Kamyu, and Yuzuha. They told them that Erurū is with them and is helping them to make a medicine for their mistress. After that, they successfully return to Kamuchatāru with Aruruu. Kurou asked Kamyu and Yuzuha Arurū’s whereabouts and they told him she is with an old man and a kimamau, promoting Kurou to head to Kamuchatāru’s place. The medicine is compleated but is accidently used on Nopon, making him look younger. Erurū and Arurū return to the palace leaving Kamuchatāru and Kurou to talk. It is revealed that Kurou is the man Kamuchatāru was in love with.