Onkamiyamukai is a country that consists of priests devoted to the worship of Witsuarunemitea and is considered one of the Three Great Countries. They act as mediators between countries in order to keep the peace between them and keep watch over the provinces. They do not pick sides, thus an Onkamiyamukai mediator should never enter battle of their own free will.

Unlike most humans, they have human ears and lack tails. Instead they have white, and occasionally black, wings that sprout from their shoulders as if they are angels. They are capable of flight.

Urutorii and Kamyu are two notable members. Hakuoro, as Witsuarunemitea, is also sealed deep beneath the ruins sleeping while the priests watch over.

It is suggested that Mutsumi, the daughter of Witsuarunemitea, is the founder of Onkamiyamukai. Thus anyone with black wings would have strong ties with her, a case being Kamyu.