Rurutie Anime Portrait

Rurutie Game Portrait

Kanji ルルティエ
Rōmaji Ruruteie
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Brown
Nation Kujuuri
Relatives Oozen (Father)

Shisu (Older Sister)
Yashima ((Older Brother)
Four unnamed siblings
Unnamed Brother in Law

Video Game Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen
Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro
Anime Utawarerumono 2: The False Faces
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Ai Kakuma
English Monica Rial

Rurutie (ルルティエ) is the youngest princess of Kujuuri who was travelling to the imperial capital as a messenger. She is accompanied by a Hororon bird named Kokopo and remains in the capital with Haku's group in order to cure her timid personality. She is the daughter of Oozen, one of the Eight Pillar Generals.


She appears to be a young girl with long black hair and red eyes.


Rurutie is shy and timid and can barely speak her mind in front of stangers. She cares for everyone's safety and wishes for them not to get hurt, even going as far as warning the thieves about Kokopo. She faints easily over anything that worries her. She is scared of fighting as does not like killing; she has Kokopo defend her instead. Her personality is later revealed to be the result of years of coddling from her family members, particularly from her sister, Shizu.

She has a passionate love for reading about love between men (BL; "boys' love") and is an expert artist.



Haku - Rurutie begins developing some feelings towards Haku from the day of their first meeting but never realizes that she has been seeing Haku in a romantic way until she was told that Haku had apparently died in a confrontation against Vurai.

Atui - Her fellow princess and friend, Atui was the first to witness Rurutie's desires which scared her to know of this unsightly side..


  • She likes seeing or reading about love between men (BL; "boys' love").
  • She is very skilled at drawing.
  • She is also a great cook.
  • In the game, Aruru stated that Rurutie is the same as her, a Yaanamauna (Mother of the Forest), which grants her the ability to understand animals' thoughts.
  • In Futari no Hakuoro, she is the first of Haku's group to discover his secret identity.
  • Rurutie was apparently a very weak child when she was young, easily getting sick from the most feeble of things or scraping her knees when running. Her family members are overprotective of her well-being to this day, though her brother, Yashima, and father have eased up a bit.


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