Sasante was the younger brother of Inkara, the last emperor of Kenashikourupe, the father of Nuwangi, and the uncle of Inkara's daughter Kamuchatāru. He was also a local Fedual lord who governed the province Yamayura resided in.

History: Edit

Anime: Edit

Hakuoro was already living at Yamayura when Sasante arrives in search for a thief who broke into their mansion (Oboro). He and Nuwangi demand the village to turn the thief over, at this point Tusukuru confronts them which led to her death at the hand of his bodyguards. With this provocation, they were attacked by the villagers at his mansion where he was killed by Hakuoro.

Game: Edit

In the game, it is revealed that he had a hand in the death of his wife (Nuwangi's mother). Nuwangi would sadistically kill him for it.