The Shakukopolu are the indigenous people of Kunnekamun and appear to be the dominant tribe of the country. Led by Kuuya Amrulineulka, they are believed to have been the chosen people of Onvitaikayan.

Their most prominent distinction is that they have white bunny ears as opposed to dog ears. Sometimes the ears face upwards and sometimes they point down. The direction of the ears appears to be random although upwards pointing ears are more common then those that sweep down.

Famous members of this clan include Kūya Amururineuruka, Sakuya, Hien, and Hauenkua. Kūya is the only one of the four with downward pointing ears.

Religion: Edit

Most of the world follow the teachings of the Onkamiyamukai priests, stating that Onvitaikayan was a cruel deity justly deposed by his son, "the savior," Witsuarunemitea. The Shakukopolu of Kunnekamun are the only people who follow the tradition that revers Onvitaikayan as their Great Father who protects his chosen people. Consequently, they see Witsuarunemitea as a usurper and "god of misfortune."

Because of their religion they have been killed, pillaged, tortured, raped, and generally subdued by the others of the world who believe the teachings of Witsuarunemitea priests. They see the Shakukopolu see as inferior barbarians.