Shisu (シス) is the First Princess of Kujuuri, firstborn of Oozen, and sister to Yashima and Rurutie. She was currently out of the country for political marriage.

First Princess of Kujuuri
Shisu (1)
Kanji シス
Rōmaji Shisu
Alias Ane-ue (Yashima)

Ama / Hag (Yashima)
One-sama (Rurutie)

Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Light dark
Nation Kujuuri
Title First Princess of Kujuuri
Affiliation Yamato
Relatives Oozen (Father)

Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Yashima (Younger Brother)
Four Unnamed Younger Brothers
Rurutie (Youngest Sister)
Unnamed husband

Video Game Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Hibiku Yamamura
Shisu ava



She is a strong minded woman, and very dedicated to her work. She dotes Rurutie the most to the point almost spoiling her. Shisu likes strong men, especially those who able to beat her in fight.


Shisu was supposedly out of the country on marriage arrangement by he father. But she returns to Kujuuri without any notice when she heard that Rurutie are coming to see her father.

When Rurutie arrives at the castle, Yashima and her father Oozen greet her, while the others four brothers are distracting Shisu from entering the throne room. Yashima says that "person" is here, and if she knows that Rurutie has arrives, there will be trouble. To Rurutie's surprise, a rumbling sound was heard from a far, and the throne room's door was slammed open.

Rurutie and Shisu

Shisu hugs Rurutie tightly and comment how she miss her smell and looks and how cute and innocent she is. Oozen protests how she being rude in front Anju but Shisu says he should shut up or she will behead him. Yashima nervously asks the guests not to mind them. Rurutie asks her why she is here, and Shisu starts to complain. She states that her husband is a wimp and weak-willed in which he criticized her cooking after she spend all those time making it. Also, Kokopo would be a perfect partner for him, and then corrected that even Kokopo is too good for him. Ignoring Rurutie's plea to let her go; and Oozen and Yashima once again chastising her for being rude to the guests. In which Shisu shouts that weak-will men don't have right to voice their opinion. The men were baffled. Oshutoru asked himself if Kujuuri is rule by women's power.

Shisu says she will leave her husband and stay with Rurutie forever, making her little sister surprised to hear that. Shisu questions her brother if they have told her their plan to take Rurutie back. Yashima answers there are things far more important than making new enemies. Shisu says she didn't mind to start war in order to get Rurutie away from Anju and believes that she shouldn't be involve in the war. As her older sister, it's her duty to protect Rurutie from everything given of how their mother passed away. Rurutie protests that she is no longer a child, and she is already strong enough and has comrades that share the same feeling with her. Shisu said that Rurutie has no voice in this matter, and her comrades aren't worth enough to protect her. Oozen said she too rude towards Oshutoru and Anju. Shisu says this matter involves her sister, and only people who are stronger than her are allow to protect Rurutie. Shisu then challenges Oshutoru to a fight.

At night, the three siblings visit Oshutoru in turns, start with Yashima, Shisu, and Rurutie. Yashima and Shisu each state their worry about leaving Rurutie, because ever since she was small, Rurutie has been a sickly child. Also, in this war, everyone will fall as victims. They know the impact on Rurutie when Haku "died," and suggest it would be better she be off from all the war tragedy. Oshutoru responds that Rurutie is no longer the small sickly child, and has grown up to the point where she showed her strength. As Shisu fails to convinces Oshutoru to refuse the challenge, she says she won't hold back tomorrow.

The next day, Shisu asks them again to refuse the challenge, and which Oshutoru respond if she is afraid that she will be defeated by him. Shisu is enraged, and she will prove that they aren't worthy to protect her little sister. The men in the room cheer, and say they will help Shisu win the challenge.

After the fight

After the fight, Shisu is shocked that she was beat by Oshutoru, as no man has ever managed to do so. She accept Oshutoru's strength and said that Kujuuri and En'nakamui will form an alliance. The celebration of the new alliance begins, Shisu calls Rurutie over and says she understands her feeling, and she should have more confidence with herself. Shisu then gives her a flute, whom belonged to their mother. She says she might need it, and it's a memento from her and their mother that they will be always be with her. Oshutoru comments how nice to have siblings that care for each others.

Shisu then turns to Oshutoru, while blushing red, Shisu gives him a present as a thank you, and asks him to protects Rurutie. She also add that when the time comes, she will be standing beside him. Oshutoru, being dense to her approach, answers he will be waiting for that time, and will do his best to protect Rurutie in place of Shisu. Yashima comments that she didn't have to go that far to ask Oshutoru but Shisu smacks Yashima in the face for bothering her important conversation with him. Oshutoru says she didn't have to hit Yashima, as he isn't bother at all. Shisu laughs nervously and then twists Yashima's face with her fist, and says to him, this will make him handsomer than now.

Kuon stares the scene from a far and asks Rurutie if this is how her sister usually acts. Kuon was obvious of Shisu's feelings for Oshutoru.


Oshutoru (Haku) - She didn't like him at first as he was proposing to let Rurutie to actually endanger herself on the battlefield despite in the presence of the Crown Princess. She started to see him in a different light when he had shown that he remains true to his resolve that he will protect Rurutie at the best of his capabilities by defeating her in combat, something she had never seen happen before. This eventually caused her to fall head over heels for him, something that causes several female members of Haku's group to frown about as she's very vocal in her pursuit of the perfect man.

Rurutie - Shisu cares about her sister deeply and has been a surrogate mother to Rurutie since they were both very young. Thus, she makes the safety of her sister her top priority. She is fiercely vocal about keeping Rurutie safe from harm even when faced against the Crown Princess.

Yashima - They retain a somewhat sibling like relationship though Shisu's personality would usually make her brother bow down to her whim or face the consequences of becoming beat up by her.



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