Tuskuru is the new country founded by Hakuoro named after Tusukuru. The country was originally called "Kenashikourupe" but after Hakuoro led the revolt, the country was overthrown and renamed Tuskuru. The size of the country continue to expand by conquering others countries which are: Kunnekamun, Kucca Kecca, and Shikeripechim.

Tuskuru - Castle

Tuskuru Castle

Tuskuru Force

Supreme Commander: Hakuoro (former), Benawi (Former), Oboro (current)

General: Benawi, Oboro (former)

Vice-General: Kurou

Archer Team Leader: Dorī & Gurā

Army size:>10,000


Kinohan Castle, Houhoro Castle


Yamayura, Yutafu, Epukalla, San, Wakkai, Chenma, .....


Shishiharu, Kinuhan, .....



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