Utawarerumono (Manga)
Utawarerumono manga volume 1 cover
Kanji うたわれるもの
Rōmaji Utawarerumono
Manga Information
Genre bishōjo
Writer Aquaplus
Illustrator Arou Shimakusa
Publisher Media Works
Original Run Sep 30, 2005 to Nov 30, 2006
Volumes 2
Chapters 14


The One Being Sung

is a Japanese bishōjo manga illustrated by Arō Shimakusa and serialized in Dengeki G's Magazine on September 30th, 2005. The plot follow the same as the visual novel. There is a lot of explicate content in the manga due to being based off the erotic content in the visual novel. The manga only was given two volumes. After that, a second Utawarerumono manga was published however, it was only collection of anthologies.

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