Uzurusha (ウズールッシャ) is a country located north of Yamato.

Background Edit

Most of its population is made up of nomadic tribes, which once numbered over a hundred. However, due to the arid and dry climate, the tribes would constantly fight over what little arable land could be found. Individual groups occasionally tried to raid border towns of the neighboring land of Yamato, and were treated by them as savages, but due to the small scale of the attacks, nothing came of it.

The first King Gundhurua managed to unify various tribes together to form a cohesive nation. Afterwards, he took over nearby territories, and declared war against Yamato in an attempt to seize control, but he was unable to complete his victory. Instead, war continued at the northern border.

They attempted to invade Yamato again, this time with a new and improved army making heavy use of nakwan. But due to the intervention of the Eight Pillar Generals, Gundhurua's army was defeated, and the war ended. Afterwards, Yamato seized control, and Uzurusha's size and influence was drastically lessened.