Shisu (シス) is the First Prince of Kujuuri, son of Oozen, and brother to Rurutie and Shisu. He is the second child after Shisu.

First Prince of Kujuuri
Kanji ヤシュマ
Rōmaji Yashima
Alias Onii-sama (Rurutie)

Gutei / Idiot Brother (Shisu)

Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Light dark
Nation Kujuuri
Title First Prince of Kujuuri
Affiliation Yamato
Relatives Oozen (Father)
Shisu (Big Sister)
Four younger brothers
Rurutie (Youngest Sister)
Unnamed Brother in Law
Video Game Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Atsushi Tamaru



He has a strong sense of justice and courteous. Even though he is considered smart by others, but isn't par with Shisu.


When Oshutoru comes to Kujuuri in order to form an alliance, Yashima is the representative that Oozen sent to greet them. At first Yashima suspects the envoy from En'nakamui is fake, and so he refuses to take Oshutoru and the others to Kujuuri's castle, asking them to stay in the village where Kuon and Haku first met. This is because Kujuuri's role is neutral in Yamato Civil War. But later, after being confronted by Anju, he agrees to take them to the castle.



He has a love and hate relationship with Shisu. Both of them try to win Rurutie's affection, which end up with Shisu beating him to an unconscious state.



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